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How to Tune Yourself for Success

You will have noticed a lot many people who get their desired results with very little effort, and then some others who strive very hard but don't get the appropriate results. Some people they say are born Lucky and some other people are fated to live in fear all their lives.

But life does not have to be like that. 

'Effortless Doing' - Following your passion and Doing what you love

Wei Wu Wei - Effortless Doing. Don't we all want to get into that zone of effortless doing. When our work and actions become effortless. Often times, we find this concept most difficult to achieve in our professional lives.

We grow up watching the people in our life struggling to make ends meet, and we then believe that this is what we have got to do too. These people we observe, many-a-time were stuck in jobs that they did not like, and with people who did not value them. You saw that they were often unhappy or cribbing whenever someone picked up the topic of their job or career. And since you saw too many people do this, you made the inference of it being the 'OK' thing to do.
But then you grew up! You started your own professional career and at the beginning, you were excited about this new start. You had so many brilliant ideas, and you wanted to make it big. Eventually, you started observing behavior patterns of people around you, and you instantly drew a similarity. Al…

17 brilliant quotes by Lao Tzu

Quotes and words of wise men continue to show us light in the darkest of times. These words of wisdom are passed on for generations & generations, as they never grow old. Today, we share inspiration from the words of The Old Master - Lao Tzu.

4 solid ways to use the art of influencing people for your success

From the moment we step into this world, we are taught to adjust to the society and blend in. And often times we would be made to do things or act as per what the society deems correct. And thus the need for approval and to impose our approval runs rampant everywhere we go.

But then we notice people who don’t seem to be walking this line. The kind of people who everyone wants to be around. The people who simply attract other people by the strength of their own character. And when we observe them more closely, we will realize that they are some sort of experts at the unique and powerful art of influencing people. And people are happily obliged to follow their guidance or influence. This is true power.
Being an influence allows you to understand people better, and helps you to create collaborative success by allowing them to contribute in a self-motivated manner. Everyone inside this situation is happy, while the people outside simply stand and watch in bewilderment. This is the art of get…

5 Critical Mistakes that are destroying your Career Opportunities

It is just too often that people complain about not having the kind of career growth they feel they truly deserve. They feel that they are either not being given the right kind of job responsibilities or growth opportunities or monetary compensation.

How to set Smart and Achievable Goals in 2018

GOAL - This is the keyword! You must define your goals/targets. But it is only then will you be able to reach it. At first, It may be intimidating to set your goals, But here is a simple formula that will help you in not only setting your goals but also reaching our goals.