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Have you been repelling Money? Test Your Wealth Attraction Score...
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Tuesday, 1 January 2030

Saturday, 22 July 2017

ALERT: Stop Your Self-belief from taking a HIT everyday.


If there is one thing that the selfie revolution seems to have done good to the world is that it has increased the self-belief that people have, even if it's only momentarily. Self-belief is the courage and value you associate with your own self when no one is watching.

Social media may have its benefits but it has huge disadvantages as well. When was the last time you opened your Facebook page, browsed the happy holiday pictures of all your friends and relatives, and left the page feeling a little dejected about your own life? Remember 'Everyone smiles for a pic', and they only share the pics that make them feel good about themselves. You probably do the same. And this leads to a competition that your subconscious is fast losing out to. And the result - a fall in self-belief.

Self-belief is the very foundation of living a good life. It is what enables to complete your task effectively, and have the faith in yourself that you can really do this. A high level of Self-belief enable you to takes appropriate risks for success, and trust in your intuition.

Sometimes, comments - esp. judgments from other people can throw us off the track. If you have a robust system of self-belief, then you should be able to jump right back on track, but it seldom happens. You allow your peers, your bosses to question you, and your ability, and sadly you accept their judgment of you as your own. The result is again a fall of self-belief.

Sometimes we allow Money to hamper our self-belief - When we think it's not important or when we can't think of anything but Money. Money is an important part of our life today, and having a good relationship with money also depends upon your level of self-belief.

Self-belief- Level Critical Low

When your self-belief is at a critical low, you will start to have thoughts like:
  • Am I doing the right thing?
  • Am I living a meaningful life?
  • What is my purpose on planet earth?
  • Am I worth it?
  • Can I still make amends or is it too late?

It will be too late if you decide to make no change NOW! Your moment of realization is a new dawn. Make a great start to this brand new day.

Raise Your Level of Self-Belief

The best place to start is to do things that build your self-belief. The best exercise at this point to regain your self-belief is - Rewrite your story from a different perspective.

To Rewrite your story from a different perspective:
You are the start of your life story. You have to stop being the victim in it. Taking control starts with your mind. Take the time to think back to all that you have, all the bad times and the major emotional falls you have had, and come to terms with it. Think of the positive lesson you learned each time, and how it has come to shape you into the person that you are today. Be grateful for all those lessons.

It is recommended that you do this exercise in written hand, it helps you connect with the story better. As you go deeper and deeper, and transform your story around. Your belief in yourself will start to rise. And with this rise in self-belief, there will be a feeling of joy that seems to exuberate from you.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Why you need a Personal Wealth Evolution?


Money means many things to each of us and often these meanings are in conflict! Perhaps this explains why an internet search for “leading causes of stress” invariably returns with money/finances/wealth. Is it any wonder why so many of us struggle with money? It is then an alarming fact that families, schools, government and the financial services industry have mostly sidestepped tackling this challenge. The challenge of building a healthy relationship with money.

While it’s convenient to believe that a healthy money life requires that we be good with math/stats/stocks/analytics (not that it hurts), nothing could be further from the truth. Our relationship with money is largely shaped by our attitudes, beliefs, and decisions - And that is a fact. To mold a better relationship with money starts by gaining a better understanding of ourselves, including our values, skills, strengths, needs/wants and, of course, our deepest desires.

Your current financial situation is a direct reflection of your inner relationship with Money. If you don’t like your finances, something needs to change in your relationship. And this format of adaptive change can be created through the process of personal wealth evolution.

Everyone knows that physical evolution is a constant thing, because of it being more visible to us and more people are talking about it. But do you also know that every human being must also go through a mind revolution to adapt to the smart ways of the world. And a spiritual evolution to attain greater universal awareness. This process of evolution has various aspects to it, but we will be focusing n one concrete aspect that tends to affect us a lot emotionally, and physically as well. We will focus on how to create your personal wealth evolution that touches both the regimes of your mind and spirit, and affects the physical.

In today's world, money can buy you a very comfortable life. It can allow you to pursue your passions more easily, have a better sleep, better access to doctors from around the globe, eat the stuff you like, travel wherever you want (even Antarctica!), and so much more. So it is quite obvious that we want more of it.

There may be some people that try to fight this basic fact saying the more money means more troubles or money is evil, you must share, being rich is a bad thing etc. That is just a strong indication of how much thought you have given to the topic. And it further highlights the point that you have strong feelings about money because somewhere inside you, you know it's important. So let's, just establish that and move forward from here.

Since money is so important to us, it is only right to say that Each one of us is in a relationship with money every day. And We are going to be in a relationship with money till our dying day. You work hard every day to buy the things money can. If you are unhappy in your relationship with money, it will clearly show in your financial situation and your level of self-worth.

It is very often that your money situation also reflects a lot of internal blocks insides of you for which Money is becoming the excuse and your tormentor. But truly, as you study your relationship with money in depth you come to realize all the areas of life that needed your attention, that had been hiding under this false façade. This is deep internal work, that is both liberating and joyful at the same time

So you see, your personal wealth evolution is a stepping stone to the next step of growth and your mental & spiritual progress. This is how money can become your road to freedom. Your relationship with money needs your attention! - Start your personal wealth evolution.

You can learn the basic steps to this process of Personal Wealth evolution through the free e-book download - Unlimited Money Freedom. - HERE

Monday, 10 July 2017

Find the Light at the End of the Tunnel


There would have been times when you would have felt really low, with little hope for future. That you were stuck in darkness and that no direction seems to bring you to sunshine, to at least even get a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel.

Where do you go from here? What do you do? Do you do nothing & just cry & just wait, standing still? or do you start panicking? How do you find the light at the end of the tunnel?

If you have ever had money trouble, then you know exactly how this feels. Money is a sensitive topic for too many people out there, because of all the things that money can get for us. And a scarcity of money, often makes you feel insecure, and worn down. If after making repeated attempts, it still feels life money is stealing its glance from you, then it is time you work on your relationship with Money.

What are your childhood feelings & notions about money and the people who have lots of it? Has money played on your side? Is money fair? How have your beliefs affected your decisions?
You know you want to Overcome your money limiters, but really how?

Money Magnet

There is a WAY! A way to discover the sun again. All you need to do in that moment is to take a deep breath and ask that living force within yourself to guide you to light. And as soon as you have your answer, follow it with all your heart & soul, never doubting it for one single minute. Trust in yourself and in the direction you have chosen, and follow the pace of your heart.

It is rather miraculous, how the age-old wisdom of the undying spirit needs neither a map nor light to find directions. All it needs is your trust. Follow it and you will find light at end of even the darkest deepest tunnel, ALWAYS!

These feelings run parallel to what we experience when we are in pain or when we feel lost or confused. To find the light at the end of the tunnel, it is important to first be The Light yourself and let it shine bright!

Friday, 7 July 2017

Your Choice Impacts Your Abundance

Life is what you make of it! Your level of abundance at any point in your life depends upon the choices that you have made in the past as well as the choice of perspective you are making in every moment. Whether you are a millionaire or a hard-working daily wager, do you really enjoy the perks of money? Do you celebrate what you have or have you chosen to crib about the scarcity of something else?

Look around you, the people you may term as Lucky or as Money Magnets are consciously choosing a different perspective. Take a closer look and see the ones that are truly happy and are enjoying their wealth, see how they choose to be grateful for all that they have.

It is rather fascinating as to how every successful person speaks of this. It is true that everyone has opportunities and choices that one must navigate through. And it is the choices that we make that define us. At each point in our lives, our dream lives with us. We choose to accept it or ignore it! Some of us take decisions and bold steps to turn them into reality, while some of us lose the way, while still others are pushed to pursue other people’s dreams.

But what is truly needed is to answer “What do I really want from my life”?

This question is the one that starts your journey of introspection and thinking. It is the first step towards your goal. It is the start of a life you have always dreamed of!

If you really want your life to change, if you too want to become a money magnet, and enjoy the flow of unlimited abundance into your life, you have to make a conscious choice to change your relationship with money. As you make this effort of consciously changing your money relationship, your life experience will start to bring you more opportunities for success.

It is all a matter of choice.

How to build a Positive Mindset in just 7 days


Everyone is talking about the power of positive thinking and the very many benefits associated with it. A lot of situations in our day to day life could be better with a change of perspective. Take Money for instance, how positive are you about the money & wealth in your life? Positive thinking can help you expect better things and thus allow you to recognize more opportunities thereby increasing your money situation.

But the real question is how do you even start the process of 'Positive Thinking' and how do you really keep up the momentum.
I am International Leadership & Life Coach Akanksha, and today, in this article, I am going to share with you how to build and maintain a positive mindset, and attract more brilliance in your life. Follow the exercise for each day in the 7 day pattern described below and see how things turn out for you.
"In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision."  - Dalai Lama
 You can download a Step-by-Step free guide, here, on your phone and laptop and keep it as a quick reference for yourself anytime anywhere.
Day 1 - Start with a simple 'Thank You'
Gratitude is a very powerful thing. It has the power to shift our focus almost instantly. Today, you focus is only on finding things to Thank for. Let us begin here, with a vote of Thanks from me to you:
"I Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I am ever so grateful to you for embracing the thought of positive thinking through this article and sharing it with your near & dear ones. Thank You"
See, that is how simple and genuine a Thank you can be! And it puts you at a place of higher energy.
Day 2 - Self Affirmation - 'Today, I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy.'
Energy can get so much done and make you feel good. This is the reason people like working out or being healthy. It is the positive feeling energy that comes along with it. That is the source energy people are trying to connect with via meditation and yoga. And eventually, we all come to realize that the foundation of positive energy starts with a mindset shift. And reaffirming good feelings is a key stone in building that mindset. At the start of your day, each day, repeat a simple thought like " Today, I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy". And believe in it.
As you continue your repetition all through the day, the energy will always present itself. And soon changes will start to reflect in your life experience.

Day 3 - Let them know they matter
The people we truly care about, are the people whose existence matters to us and adds to your presence on this planet. And if they hold that importance, they must have done something right. Thank them for that. Let them know that they really matter in your life, and share your feelings of unbound love & care. This strengthens you and uplifts for entire being.
Day 4 - Appreciate yourself and forgive yourself for any mistakes you have made
We get so busy living our ultra-busy lives that we forget about the most important person in the world - You. Your world exists because of you. Take the time to appreciate yourself for all that you are and all the journey you have gone through. Life is journey of learning. Accept yourself, appreciate yourself and forgive yourself for your mistakes. Don't punish yourself any longer, rather strive for betterment & excellence. And Excellence starts with appreciating what you have right now.

Day 5 - Self affirmation - 'I am admired. People look up to me and recognize my worth.'
You have made it so far, and you are doing good. Next, we take the process of self-appreciation a step further. There are always some people around you who admire you for who you are. It is time to fill yourself up with that feeling all through Day 5. From morning till night repeat to yourself at least 20 times in the day - am admired. People look up to me and recognize my worth.'
This small exercise helps us tune our subconscious mind and attracts us to the people who like us back.
Day 6 - Smile more
On Day 6, your only task is to smile and smile and smile some more. And this is your best confident genuine smile that is your trademark. Focus on smiling. Find reasons to smile all through the day. Maybe you see a pretty flower, or a soft white cloud or feel the warm sum - Just Smile.
A Smile hold the power to shift your thinking pattern to a more positive one. A smile can open new doors & opportunities for you. People trust people who smile often.

The more you smile through the day, the more positive will be your developements towards money & abundance in all forms. Smile with all your heart as much as you can.
Day 7 - Focus on your Thoughts & moods
Today is about looking back at the week gone by and how you have done so far on these exercises. Notice if there are any changes in your mood or thought patter. Take special note of your emotions and which thoughts are making you happy. Take time to consciously think the thoughts that make you happy all through the day. The magic starts in your mind before it manifests in your life. Use this knowledge to empower yourself and create a life as you desire it to be.

Next Steps:
Congratulations! You have made it one complete week with a positive mindset. As you progress through the week while doing these exercised, you will notice that your mind is automatically directed to thinking more optimistically.
  • To make the positive mindset permanent, try to repeat this exercise for 4 weeks. It will tune your mind and program it to a positive outlook & outcomes.

About the Author: Akanksha is an International Leadership & Life Coach. She coaches clients from all across the globe and help them magnify their presence and get more opportunities, wealth, growth, success, clarity & happiness in Life.
Download FREE Step-by-Step Guide to Create Your Powerful Executive Presence to attract More Opportunities, Money, Success & Excitement in Your Life. Coach Akanksha can help you amplify your presence and get noticed by the RIGHT people. You can know more about her latest Fast Track Executive Excellence programs here - www.ignitejoy.com/p/packages.html
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