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How I broke Free from the Daily Rut of being Stuck! (TRUE STORY)

I grew up with a whole lot of expectations from me. I am sure you did too! And like everyone else I did what I could, just to see my parents/teachers/relatives/society happy and come as close to meeting the expectations as I could. But to truly take account, I never saw the purpose of all the tension, stress, and pressure I went through to be an ace student. I completed my graduation from a highly reputed college and took a Multinational job from campus. I was really optimistic at the time, hoping things would be different now. But soon i saw the way the corporate world was pushing me around. Yet, the optimist in me told me to look for new job opportunities and that i did. I changed jobs and gained experience across the fields of engineering, public relations, brand management, social development and e-commerce. Before, arising out of another set of wordly expectations, the people around me made me realize that the only hope for me was an MBA. That I needed the extra qualification to get a job of my liking.
I did really well in my MBA and interned with a BIG 4 firm, which eventually offered me a full time post. But isn’t all job market just the same!! Here to there was politics and expectations and people pushing there lifestyle on you. This made me realize that no matter how good the organization be itself, the job market will eventually make you realize at some point that you are better than this. I was tired of the mundane tasks and the fact that even after the acute realization i was lying to myself every single day that — It is going to be OK. I felt the rush and I felt the suffocation at the same time. I felt the chains of society and of ‘doing the expected’ tighten around me, as if to break me to pieces. I knew then, if I don’t stand up for myself, no one else will. Stuck in traffic, getting panicked about finding a parking at office, and threatening lives (including my own) by taking a Conference call while driving, I made a decision to Take Control.
I was tired, frustrated and just knew I was made for better things. That is when I said to myself — “From now on, I am going to do what make me happy!” I realized how we just allowed ourselves to get stuck in a Rut when the only thing limited in life is TIME. It was not easy leaving that cushy job with a comfortable salary, but suddenly Life was making sense to me. I was thrilled the day i handed off my computer and literraly distributed chocolates on my last day at office, because for me it was a start of a new journey! My Journey! My story of my Life!
And that is what I do now! I coach people around the globe on how to BREAK THAT RUT and create overall excellence in work and life. I live my passion everyday and help my clients’ live theirs’.


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