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How to Ignite Joy that starts with you! - Coaching SOS (Part 2)

As complicated as life may seem, it really can be very simple! We are always searching for happiness in the world outside, when really it begins with us. It is our reaction to an incident, a situation or a person that trigger that emotion of happiness/ sadness/ anger/ anything else.

We are complicated beings, so as to say, but really life keeps giving us hints to happiness all the time. Whether you believe it or not — LIFE WANTS YOU TO BE HAPPY!

Let us see, how you can ignite joy from inside-out. Look around, and this time focus and concentrate on the environment around you and just for this instance force yourself to find a reason to just smile fro a while. Maybe you see a little child who is playing or laughing; or maybe a bird feeding her young-one’s; or maybe a beautiful big flower that looks absolutely brilliant; maybe a text from an old friend that made you smile; maybe a funny video you really liked on the internet; maybe someone around you has inspired you with their courage and helpfulness. Just for this instance focus your energy on something that makes you smile.
And once, you have found your reason, and you have filled yourself up with so much happy energy that it seems to be almost leaking from the corners of your lips — That is the feeling I am talking about. So just relish that feeling of awe and happiness a little longer and fill yourself up to the brim with this good feeling.
It is really easy to change your mood and your emotions if you can find little reasons around you that make you smile and just decide that you will focus your energy on that thing that makes you happy. That is it! It is just a matter of choice!
Are you living a life that is happy 80% of the time at least? If not, then this can be a simple method for you to flip the scale and get on to the happiness roller coaster.
Motivation and happiness go hand in hand in life. And the moment you are motivated, yo are wanting to achieve things for a better life, for a happier life.
About the Author: Akanksha is a professional Life Coach who will strategically ease out your situation and fast track your success and elevate Happiness in your life.
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