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Infinite Possibilities - One Truth

Have you ever told someone “Well I Had no other option but this!”? Have you ever felt forced by circumstances in Life? Let me tell you, This is true for 99% of people around the world.
Now let us take another scenario. How many times have you looked back at moments like those in your Life and said “I wish I had don’t that differently” or “I just know that I should have taken the other path”?

Well do you see how the above scenarios are connected? Allow me to elaborate. In the first scenario, where we pose as a victim of fate can be called the "PRESENT" scenario and the second scenario there we fret over our decision is actually a “FUTURE” instance for the above PRESENT scenario!

So, to summarize, You take a decision because you said you had no other option; And then a few years later, you look back and feel that why didn’t you exercise that other option. Well, here is a thought – where did the new option suddenly sprout up from in your looking back at the past!
Now why am I making such a big deal about this! The crux is that you won’t gain by fretting over either one of these. But you could gain by linking them together, and looking at the bigger picture. And the bigger picture can be described in one beautiful sentence (Something you would have already realized!) – “You ALWAYS have an OPTION.”

Life is about INFINITE Possibilities, but of all those possibilities, it is you who chooses which one will become THE TRUTH. And that is when the power lies with you, to do something…something big.
You could either sit around thinking and go about your daily routine procrastinating & just dreaming. OR You could take the other option. And Start by taking a small step towards your dream today and make a positive change in your life.
So Next Time, you feel you don’t have an option. STOP & THINK. You will always have an option. if nothing else, you could simply stand your ground… Right? That too, is just an option.
Choose wisely, your future lies in the possibilities you choose to bring to Life!



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