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9 Ways Creativity can Increase Productivity - Coaching SOS (Part 5)

It is interesting how curious the human mind can get at times. As we become curious, we seek answers, and then, we seek adventures. An adventure enthuses excitement, and that excitement leads to a creative way of thinking. And this creativity leads to increased productivity. More productivity means bigger better results. Better Results mean more satisfaction, rewards and happiness.

So really, all we want is to be more productive, to get more done and get applauded for our work & skills. But here's the tough bit - Productivity CANNOT stem out of thin air. You have got to do something about it. And, well, Working crazy hours is really not the solution. Working crazy hours does not ensure productivity; the reverse may have been incorrectly proclaimed by many around you. But the truth is - Working crazy hours kills productivity in the long run (Professional Burn-out); A realization those other set of (living in denial) people might never have.
You might have already observed this, You are your-most-productive-self at the time when you are motivated and excited about your work. And these two aspects are sparked by creative ventures and pursuits. So, for the moment, let us try something new, something different, something exciting - something Creative in order to become more productive.
If you are stuck at a place that hampers your creativity, then you have two options:
  1. Search for space or a new place for your creativity to sprout
  2. Continue being stuck while you lose your most productive years, and regret it all for the rest of your life
Whatever you choose, I am here to help. We are going to discuss 9 ingenious creative ways to become more productive. Each one of these methods is going to inspire you and light up that excitement and motivation. And the only prerequisite is - You have got to be honest with yourself. Stop living in denial, it is time for you to rise & shine. It is time to stop following the crowd.

Why Creativity?

Creativity encourages you to think beyond boundaries. It is the BIG THINKERS' who come up with life changing solutions. And these people, are normal people, like you and me. It is just that they have allowed their minds to wander and have trusted it to bring new thoughts & ideas. You can do this too, it all begins with trusting your own self a little more.
Creative thinking can lead you to look at the root of a problem or in other cases look for alternate ways to resolve the conflict. And here is the best part - Creativity is our second nature. I know it may seem difficult for some to actually accept this concept, but really that is your trouble. I can only give you my thoughts and let you choose your own path. Creativity requires courage to challenge the status-quo and stand up for what you believe in.

Creativity is our second nature because it has been proven over ages, again and again, and some of you might have witnessed such a situation yourself, where in a life-threatening condition you came up with an ingenious solution, even when you had access to only a limited number of resources. Endless examples can be seen everywhere, all across the world. Your survival instinct forces your better self to take over and think & act creatively. A cinematic example - Remember how Iron-man made his Iron-Man suit while being stuck in a terrorist cell, with a chest full of shrapnel. That's creativity! (Have you ever thought why the comic/script writer has not shown this billionaire comfortably sitting in a fancy expensive high-tech lab at the time when he first invented his iron-man suit? Because the writer is indirectly emphasizing that the best real-life miracles happen under desperate circumstances)

Creative Ways to boost productivity

At the time, when you are both effective and efficient, is the time when you are most productive. Some of the following methods may seem outrageous to some people, but that is where your creative half will tell you 'It is possible'. Here are 9 creative ways to boost your productivity:
  1. Quit Multi-Tasking
We all think multi-tasking is the way to get more done. Well, now is the time to re-assess. Multi-tasking breaks the concentration of our mind and requires us to re-tune to the different channel. Even if your task is just 'ALT+TAB' away, your mind needs time to comprehend and react to a different set of information. And if you do this repeatedly, there is a huge loss of time, and the same task would require a greater time to complete. So stick to completing one task at a time, and do it well. It will give you a feeling of satisfaction too.
  1. Think it through - Proactive vs Reactive Approach
Most of the time, you so have some amount of time, to think of the best way to tackle a task before you start doing it. Spend some time understanding what you need in order to complete the task and then find the best manner to complete it. Often times, your past experience coupled with your creative instinct will help you think the task through and highlight any problem areas in advance. This can not only save you from wasted effort & time, but also enhance your creativity. Gain clarity about what you are going to do.
  1. Stop wasting your time over perfection

Perfection- could you define it for me please! If you can pursue a task till the time you have made it perfect, there will always be someone else who could make it 'PERFECTER'. So, you do need to understand that, just as there is no such word as 'Perfecter', there is no such thing as 'Perfect'. So stop fretting over it! You could have got so such more done in all the time you have spent brooding over making this task 'Perfect'.
To err is Human
  1. Minimize distractions for shorter high-concentration work periods
Reduce all the distractions you have allowed in between your productive hours. Mostly distractions like - whatsapp, snapchat, twitter, FB, and all those. If you use those as part of your work, that OK. If not, please refrain - at least try to! This ties up with the productivity mantra discussed in Point no. 1 above- Quit Multitasking. It may even be other distractions like taking coffee breaks to gossip. (If you think you end up doing that too often, maybe you need to look at how boring your work has become for you!) Minimize distractions for shorter high-concentration work periods and increase your productivity.
  1. PEN it down - The art of writing
We live in the age of computers, so much so, that we often avoid picking up a pen to write our thoughts sometimes. But the art of writing is one where all your senses come alive. As you write, your hand carves out each different letter, and this sends a signal to your mind that lights up your imagination as you write. As you pen down the problem or task, your mind gets the signal to start finding solutions. This becomes like a quick personal brainstorming session. Ink it down and see the results for yourself.
  1. Trust in your wild-side
Being crazy is being creative. Each one of us has a wild side, and that is the side that loves creativity because creative thinking brings new ideas and adventures. If you want be your most productive, you have got to allow creativity to flow. for creativity to flow, you must learn to trust in your wild side. (Why else do you think 'Crazy scientists' were so creative?)
  1. Answer the 'WHY' question
WHY are you doing this? Why have you allowed yourself to pursue this? Why & how is this related to your greater goals in Life? Why must you do this?
All these WHY's can help you give your motivational drive. If you can satisfy your own self with your answers, and your answers light up a spark of excitement in you, then, thats it! You are on the right track!
  1. Clap for yourself
When was the last time you congratulated yourself for doing a brilliant job. If you clap for yourself, you reinforce your good actions & behaviors. As you yourself commend your efficiency & effectiveness, you are training your mind to take up more such actions in the future. Thereby, steadily increasing your productivity. Applauding yourself for your actions also enhances your self-assurance and self-esteem. So, Pat your back! Great Going!
  1. Stop over-planning & over-analyzing

You won't really know everything till you have not gone through the process of doing the task. So over-planning and over-analyzing are not just time-waters but can also push you to the extreme of thinking pessimistically. And no project can achieve its best outcome if you start with a negative mindset. So plan your initial steps, and just take the plunge. Over-analyzing hampers your creative thinking and so your productivity suffers too. Have faith in yourself, and your efforts and take action now!

Creative Productivity Apps

To make it easier for you to be more productive, here are some great apps that can help you to increase your productivity. We, all, take our mobile tech (smart phones/ tablets/ laptops) with us everywhere we go, and with their powerful processors, connectivity and ease of use, they have become an indispensable part of our daily routines. There are ways to take advantage of this status quo. Many new-age productivity apps, like the ones discussed below, can help you manage your day and become increasingly productive over time. Using these apps is, yet another, creative method to increase your productivity. Try these out:

  • FreeTime 2
Free Time automatically searches all your calendars to find out and show you when you are free. Free Time helps you see your calendar in a completely new way, quickly share your availability, and stay on top of your busy life.

  • Clear for iOS
This app is 'the' to-do and reminders app that ensures you stay focused on what matters most. This is an inventive to-do-list-making app that uses swiping and pinching actions to make things happen. Make a list of all things important and leave the rest to this app to get the work done (by making sure you get it done).

  • Day One
Day One is by far the simplest way to journal. It’s easy to quickly enter your thoughts and memories and have them synced and backed up in the cloud. Day One is well designed and extremely focused to encourage you to write more. This app would encourage you to make journaling your habit. As you create a record of your efforts, you can get much more done.
Know more at -

  • Streaks
Streaks is a brilliant app that follows the model of the popular “don’t break the chain method”. You can use this app to keep track of how you are doing in the pursuit of your goal, any goal. It is good for the purpose of goal-setting & action. It has an easy and elegant interface for a smooth experience, and can keep you motivated to perform.
Know more here -

  • IF by IFTTT 
Create simple connections between apps like Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram, Twitter, and Gmail, as well as devices like your Nest Thermostat, Fitbit, and Philips Hue lightbulbs. IF by IFTTT (Android, iOS) is a neat task automation tool built around the idea of If (This), Then (That), from which the app takes its name. Users can easily pick and choose, modify or create their own if-then scenarios to help automate their lives, and get technology to work for them.
Know more at -

  • Things for iOS
Things is a delightful and easy to use task manager. You’ll get started in no time, entering and organizing your to-dos. You’ll discover how Things truly makes you more productive. And soon you’ll realize that achieving your goals comes more naturally — one to-do at a time. It’s the perfect companion for everything you want to achieve in life, offering a great balance between ease of use and powerful features.
Know more at -

About the Author:
Akanksha is an International Leadership & Life Coach. She coaches clients from all across the globe and help themmagnify their presence and get more opportunities, wealth, growth, success, clarity & happiness in Life.
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