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Case Study - Real struggles against the inner Turmoil - Coaching SOS (Part 8)


The most valuable thing in your Life is Time. Some people realize it sooner than others that it is wisdom not to waste time cribbing or just waiting for things to happen. Most of my clients are highly intellectual and creative personalities who refuse to give in to the rat race and say 'No' to mediocrity. In the following case study, we highlight how Roy managed to emerge as a great Leader and get noticed by the right people and truly live his purpose.
Note: To respect client confidentiality, we have used fictitious Names, locations and companies to represent real individuals and their real struggles.
The above image is only indicative and does not represent the actual client face.

The Universe began in a moment of thought

It was the peak summer season, and Roy was stuck in the usual big-city office traffic while returning from work. As Roy sat there listening to the blaring horns and driving in his sedan, he realized that the traffic had stood still for almost 20 minutes now, because of a jam ahead. As he observed people nearby, he let his thoughts wander, and carry him into a different thought process away from the present traffic snarls. Roy was thinking. This thought had occurred to him earlier as well, but he had ignored it at earlier occasions. Now why was it coming back to him, making him think again if he was doing the right things in Life?
He knew the world would say he was doing the right thing - Living up to the expectations of his parents and family, his bosses and company. But why did he feel as if something was amiss. It felt as if for the first time, he was genuinely thinking of his own expectations of himself and what he really wanted in his own life?

Understanding the hurdle

Roy had described his journey as being successful till now. He had secured good grades, a good job offer and a loving family. He was promoted quickly in his company and had travelled across the globe. Anyone on the outside would be jealous of his achievements, and he had witnessed people to be like that. Over the next few weeks, his real tussle was within himself. The thought kept coming back. He knew there was something amiss. And he decided to find out what it was.

The first real attempt at solving the issue

Roy thought to himself "Why do I have these thoughts coming back? Is this where I wanted to be in my life? Is this giving me the fulfillment & satisfaction? Have i become materialistic in my approach through all these years".
He kept pondering over these thoughts and kept rejecting answers one after another. Till it finally occurred to him. This was something bigger he was getting on to. He was now thinking of his life in a much broader perspective. And he was thirsty for fulfillment.
This realization was energizing and challenging. He kept searching for answers, he kept exploring and he found a lot of information. But soon he realized the information was overwhelming and scattered. It confused him more and it never seemed enough. This process became discouraging but all the more important.

The choice to persevere and move forward

While he kept looking for a simpler way to find his answers, Roy chanced upon the concept of Coaching. He searched and reached out to Coach Akanksha to figure out what coaching was and if it could really help him get a meaning to all this. Roy was happy to see that he was promptly set up for a call to plan the way forward. In the very first session, the coach heard him out completely and helped put structure to his thoughts. Coach Akanksha took the session a step further and simplified his thought process to a simple - 'WHY?' - Why am I doing this, why am I moving in this direction, why am I choosing to do all this every day.
And this 'WHY?' had immense power. It gave Roy a reason to do things, to choose certain paths, and a reason to exist.
Roy was rather surprised by how a single session can change the direction of thought to be more simple and energizing. Roy immediately knew he would be able to share all his thoughts and progress, here. He was curious and eager to sign up for Coaching, and quickly begin with a series of deep-dive sessions.

Detail the odds they overcame and how the solution aided the protagonist in exceeding their goals.

Just like in sports, every great athlete has a coach, who refines their game and mindful approach. Similarly in all areas of Life, a coach refines your stance and equips you with greater emotional intelligence. Roy had been unsure about the entire concept of Coaching, only to later discover what wonderful changes it can bring.
Coaching is based on a core belief that you can do better than your best. Your coach strives for excellence over perfection. And the only hurdle if your ability to trust in your own decision for coaching.
For Roy, as the coaching connect sessions progressed, the brainstorming and deep-dive conversation helped uncover the true motives & inspiration behind Roy's actions & achievements in life.
  • How he had wanted to please his parents, and had studied extra hard
  • How he wanted to meet the expectations of the society and had secured a good job
  • How to gain respect he had worked dog-hours to get better promotions
  • How he had molded himself to suit his work requirements and done things he wasn't happy to remember
  • How his team considered him a task-master but he was known was getting stuff done
Although on the outside this was all great but there was a big realization that was now dawning upon Roy as a result of all these conversations. And then there was the 'AHA moment' - The moment of self-discovery & realization. Roy was thinking if he had ever asked himself why he was doing all this. What is the greater purpose. What was his true purposes in Life?
And this new thought process was the beginning of a new journey for Roy in a new direction.
The 'AHA' Moment

The Final Outcome

Roy, now, had clarity about what he was searching for. He was searching for his purpose. Roy had decided to answer this WHY and find his purpose in Life.
Over the next weeks, as the sessions progressed further, the conversations became more intense. With the guidance of Coach Akanksha, Roy was exploring his thoughts and experiences and how it had shaped him as a person. Coach Akanksha had emphasized again and again "We all make all our choices based on a core belief system that intertwines with our greater purpose. When our actions are not in tune, something feels amiss. We all have a greater purpose. You just need to discover yours".
Roy pondered over this thought and in one of the following coaching sessions soon realized it. Roy was exhilarated as he experienced another AHA moment - He knew what he had felt most connected to. He had found the ANSWER to the WHY. Roy realized that his core purpose, that gave his a sense of joy, was to enable people to perform better.
He realized that the reason that the thoughts had been troubling him was because in his current job role he was making judgments about people and was pushing them along the bell curve to suit his company better. But in all these attempts of helping the company, he had given rise to an inner tussle.
After discussing with his Coach, Roy stalked out a plan to move into a position/company that was more in sync with his core purpose. He was excited about this process, because it felt right to his heart & soul. Roy was soon able to explore his network and connections and secure interviews for positions that he preferred for their job role. And when he was guided by his higher purpose he soon found a job that fit right.
Over the past few years, Roy has connected with his coach multiple times, to indicate how well he is doing and how happy he is. His team is much more energized because they look at him as an enabler and a solution-finder. Roy was acclaimed as a great leader by his team and bosses alike. His family-life is better now that he was beginning to stay happy with himself. Even if challenges do come up, he believes that things will fall in place, because now his actions are oriented towards a greater purpose.
The question is "Have You discovered your Greater Purpose, Your WHY?"

What may you do next:

  • Reflect on your current situation and analyse your self-talk. Take account of your mindset for yourself

About the Author: Akanksha is an International Leadership & Life Coach. She coaches clients from all across the globe and help them magnify their presence and get more opportunities, wealth, growth, success, clarity & happiness in Life.
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