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Are you tuned for Success or Failure? (Coaching SOS Part 9)

Life is complicated. Or so is what we have been made to believe?
More often than not, it is true that someone would have told you to do this or be like that or else you could never succeed in life. When you revisit this statement, do you feel empowered to succeed or do you feel limited to survive?

That is where the difference lies. There are people out there who genuinely care about you, but even they are not free from bias and their own fears. This fear clouds judgement and good advice, almost always.
Dreaming big is no rocket science. Each one of us has big dreams. You have yours too.
But too often people give up on their dreams for excuses and limiting beliefs. And sadly the world watches your dreams go down the drain and does nothing about it. And that is the truth about dreaming big.
This article is meant to draw your attention to your own self talk and beliefs about your dreams & desires. Do you empower yourself or limit yourself. Do you compromise on your dreams to live a life you don't really like? And what would it take to get you back on track to your dreamland.
Up till now, you were not really the one to blame because you were probably very very young when you were subjected to self limiting beliefs and how you were made to believe by the society around you that not behaving as per society norms & expectations was equivalent to committing a sin.
While somethings made sense and you probably never questioned them, but the rest were just creating a fear of not being able to fit into the society.
But the good part is, that today there exist more than enough examples of individuals who acted as they felt was right, and did not let such self limiting beliefs & people come in their way of success. And you are probably thinking of them right now!

Let's look at the most common warning sign to see if you are living with self limiting beliefs. Answer the following question in a yes or no:
  • Looking back at the last 15 days, have you cribbed or complained about anything or anyone?
If your answer is yes - then this is a wake up call, and it is time to do some serious thinking and free yourself from any such limiting thoughts.
If your answer is NO- think again and be sure you are being honest about it. If you still have the same answer, you are better than a lot many other people, and I really hope you can keep this up.
The above is just one of the many examples of how self limiting beliefs cripple us. The journey to self empowerment & success comes from standing up for yourself and taking responsibility for your life. The world may come crashing down upon you, but all that matters is that you stay strong for your own self. And as you do this, you will become more confident over time.
If you choose to continue the old way, then you are only just compromising with your own dreams and your ability to do and achieve great things. You are capable of so much more, I am sure.
And here is the weird part about self-limiting beliefs: Since we were exposed to such beliefs when we were very young, we don't question them even when we have grown up. These become our innate fears and affect the way we perceive things and think about stuff. And that's like a deep rooted virus.
In my next article, I will be talking about how you can overcome these self limiting beliefs. Here, today, I am introducing the first step - self awareness.
It is possible for you to turn around your life and think and do great things. It all begins with understanding how you are treating yourself. The following is a list of 7 questions to increase your self awareness. Ask yourself the following questions.
  • Have you ever engaged in negative self talk?
  • What situation or person instigated such limiting thoughts
  • Can you reanalyze that situation and think of an alternate outcome if you were superman?
  • Did your parents/sibling have a predominant negative notion about wealth/relationships/health?
  • Are you in any manner affected by the that notion today?
  • Have you been feeling stuck in your daily life routine?
  • What do you think makes you feel stuck up or hampers your progress?
Start with the above exercise and repeat it till you are able to catch yourself when a limiting belief strikes you. By the time you master this art, you will have ready access to my next article on eliminating self limiting beliefs that have been crashing your dreams.
Times are changing and there is always hope.

You can do this now more than ever before because you are opening up to a whole new awareness of the power of your mind and its endless capabilities.
What may you do next:
  • Reflect on your current situation and analyse your self-talk. Take account of your mindset for yourself
I believe in you!

Paving your way to greater success,
Coach Akanksha
About the Author: Akanksha is an International Leadership & Life Coach. She coaches clients from all across the globe and helps them align their thoughts, emotions and actions for greater abundance & success and magnify their presence and get more opportunities, wealth, growth, success, clarity &happiness in Life.
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This article is a part of the coaching SOS series. Read all the latest content in The Coaching SOS Series, click here. Experience directing a movie in your daily life, where You are The STAR of the movie. Each article will give you a script which you may recreate in your life as per your desires. And as you go about living the script, you will witness the magic unfold in your own Life.



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