Wednesday, 14 September 2016

ALERT! The Law of Attraction is acting on You!

The universal Law of Attraction has been around from age immemorial. Great people all through history have made references to it. Some have even thought that this maybe the very text that was inscribed on the emerald tablet. A lot of people from world over became more familiar with from the movie and book 'The Secret'. And it seems to have started a new movement of its own.

But what is this new found awareness that is taking over the world. What is this universal Law of Attraction and why do you have to care about it?

Lets try and understand this Universal Law. The Law of Attraction is the term used to define the phenomenon where what we focus upon with our minds' eye takes real physical form in our surroundings and life experiences. And this applies to both good and bad experiences.

So this means, that when you imagined being gifted a playboy for your birthday and only purely believed in it, you may have actually got it for real. And if you really wanted to marry that pretty girl or boy and all you could do was think good thoughts about being together, then you are probably sitting with them right now.

It also means, if you focused on not failing in school, chances are you probably just skimmed through or probably even failed a few times. And if you focused on the fact that your mother/father don't scold you, then you probably got scolded pretty bad.

Some skeptics call these 'Coincidence'. Co-incidence is nothing but collaborative incidents, which reflects various elements of the universe coming together to create these in your experience. And if you look back at your own life and think back on incidents where when you had focused on something good or bad, it came true, would you call all of them coincidences?

The fact is that This Universal Law of Attraction is affecting you right now, in every moment, whether you believe it or not. But if you do choose to accept its presence, then there is a way that you can make it work for you. And that is the best part. You can design your own life experiences using the Law of Attraction.

Your life is full of experiences. And these experiences are not by default, but by design. Your design. You have been attracting all experiences, good and bad, into your life. But you would probably say, Akanksha 'I never attracted that bad stuff, I never wanted it'. And I would tell you 'I know and I believe you. You are not to blame. Because up until now you were manifesting or attracting these experiences on an auto-pilot mode. You observed something and you let it affect you. Since the Law of Attraction is acting in every moment, hence your focus on the bad stuff attracted it into your life.'

So you see, the Law of Attraction is acting on everyone all the time. Let us do something fun. Look at the people around you, and lets see if they have this universal law acting on them. Can you recall a person whom you think gets everything in Life effortlessly.

  • Reflect on your current situation and analyse your perspective towards what is affecting you in your life.

I believe in you!

Paving your way to greater success,Coach Akanksha

Article - Coaching SOS Part 11

About the Author: Akanksha is an International Leadership and Life Coach. She coaches clients from all across the globe and helps them align their thoughts, emotions and actions for greater abundance and success and magnify their presence and get more opportunities, wealth, growth, success, clarity and happiness in Life.Download FREE Step-by-Step Guide to Create Your Powerful Executive Presence to attract More Opportunities, Money, Success and Excitement in Your Life. Coach Akanksha can help you amplify your presence and get noticed by the RIGHT people. You can know more about her latest Fast Track Executive and Leadership Excellence programs here -

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Life Truly Happens when you Believe in Yourself

Life Truly Happens when you Believe in Yourself