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Mystery solved: The Law of Attraction Decoded

It is acting on you right now.

Whether you are at work, at home, on your couch, or traveling right now, the Law of Attraction is acting on you, creating your every experience. The universe sends more of whatever you give your attention to, via the law of attraction.

The Universe is giving us all that we choose to give our attention to by means of our thoughts and emotions. The law of attraction is acting on all of us all the time. We are constantly, in every instance, creating our own reality.

The Law of Attraction explained in simple terms:

The simplest way to understand the Law of Attraction is this: The Universe brings to you whatever you give your attention to. That is how you are attracting all your Life Experiences - Good experiences And Bad Experiences. The Universal Law of Attraction is acting on each & every thing all the time. It is the point of your intention & attention that beckons Attraction. The stronger the intent the faster the manifestation.
This Universal law of Attraction is affecting you right now, in every moment, whether you believe it or not. But if you do choose to accept its presence, then there is a way that you can make it work for you. And that is the best part. You can design your own life experiences using the law of attraction.

Your life is full of experiences. And these experiences are not by default, but by design. Your design. You have been attracting all experiences, good and bad, into your life. But you would probably say, 'I never attracted that bad stuff, I never wanted it'. 

I believe you. You are not to blame. Because up until now you were manifesting or attracting these experiences on an auto-pilot mode. You observed something and you let it affect you. Since the law of attraction is acting in every moment, hence your focus on the bad stuff attracted it into your life.

The Universe gives you the ultimate power to decide what you want. The manner of manifestations can be any, but the end result will always leave you feeling the same as the point of your attention.

How does the law of attraction really work? 

So we know that the Law of Attraction is real and you can see countless examples around you. But how does this Universal Law of Attraction really work. The process is as simple and as complicated. Here, I present a simple logical step-by-step approach - The Process of Quantum Creation - of how the Law of Attraction is really bring you all your life experiences - all good experiences as well as all bad ones too. The law of attraction uses the process of quantum creation to bring forth all the manifestations around you. The process of Quantum Creation can be understood quite simply as follows:

The Process of Quantum Creation & Law of Attraction

So this is how the Law of Attraction really works. Your Life is a collection of your Life Experiences. And it is these set of Life experiences that set you apart and make you unique when compared to everyone else on planet earth. Only you have your set of Life experiences. From these Life experiences, as you compare and contrast, your preference gives rise to desires. As you hold your attention to your desire, your mind creates thoughts and thinking patterns around this desire which can be positive or negative. Based on this your dominant thoughts build emotions in you. Every thought build emotion in you that give rise to feelings. These feelings can be uplifting or vice versa. All this positive vs negative thoughts & feelings bring you inspirations to take action. Your Action leads you on your path towards or away from your desire. Ultimately, delivering your Result. So the process of Quantum Creation and of Law of Attraction is simple logical and relate-able in each of our lives.

How to use the law of attraction to get what u want?

This one question is the queen of them all. So you understand it, you observe it, you believe in it, but really, how do you get The Law of Attraction to work for you! This has perplexed people world over and from time immemorial.

But now, we have a solution. The Mystery has been solved.

The process of Law of Attraction was quite simply understood via the Process of Quantum Creation. And The process of Quantum Creation has given birth to a step-by-step logical process to help you identify your path of Least resistance to Natural Abundance in the form of The Circles of Quantum Creation.

The circles of quantum creation is an easy to use step by step tool to help you find your path of least resistance in any situation. This is your path of natural abundance. You can use the steps/circles of quantum creation to step-by-step discover and walk your path of natural Abundance. The alignment of these circles bring you the respective result. Remember: Every alignment leads to creation.

The circles of quantum creation is an easy to use step by step tool to help you find your path of least resistance in any situation. This is your path of natural abundance. You can use the steps/circles of quantum creation to step-by-step discover and walk your path of natural Abundance. The alignment of these circles bring you the respective result. Remember: Every alignment leads to creation.

Alignment happens every moment of your existence, bringing new experiences into your life. Every experience was born out of an alignment. The alignment process of the Circles of Quantum Creation can be understood & applied in the following manner. Use it to apply the Universal Law of Attraction to manifest your desires. The step by step approach is as follows:

(i). The Start Point: It starts with you at the top of the circles. You are the reason that your life has meaning.

(ii). Step 1- Inner Red Circle: This circle represents all your Life Experiences. In this step, appreciate your experiences and how a new desire is born every moment out of the contrast of your life experiences.

(iii). Step 2 - Orange Circle: This circle focuses on your Desires & passion. In this step, attempt for clarity & consistency in your desire and focus on the strength of your desire. 

(iv). Step 3 - Yellow Circle - Circle 3 focuses on your thoughts & perspectives in your daily life. In this step, analyze your thinking pattern and re-align it to support the fulfillment of your desire.

(v). Step 4 - Green Circle - The green circle brings the spotlight over your emotions & feelings. In this step, take note of your emotions & feeling and us them as indicator to re-align your thinking pattern.

(vi). Step 5 - Outer Blue Circle - This circle represents the action stage and gives you the result of the entire process of Quantum Creation. In this final step, pay attention to the inspiration you have and the relevant actions you take. Expect unexpected things here. This is where your desire becomes reality. Take Inspired Action.

Apply each step of The Circles of Quantum Creation to gauge and guide your path to Abundance. This is your step by step approach to Apply The Law of Attraction in your life.

How do I know if I am applying it in the right manner?

Download the FREE Checklist to see which hack you are not currently applying, and focus on that. Use the checklist on a daily basis to keep track.

Next steps

I believe in you!
Paving your way to greater success,
Coach Akanksha
Article - Coaching SOS Part 12
About the Author: Akanksha is an International Law of Attraction, Leadership and Life Coach. She coaches clients from all across the globe and helps them align their thoughts, emotions and actions for greater abundance and success and magnify their presence and get more opportunities, wealth, growth, success, clarity and happiness in Life. To ACTIVATE The Law Of Attraction in Your Life - Claim Your FREE Ultimate Checklist to build the life that you truly desire to attract More Opportunities, Money, Success and Excitement in Your Life. Coach Akanksha can help you amplify your presence and get noticed by the RIGHT people. You can know more about her latest Fast Track Executive and Leadership Excellence programs here -
COACHING SOS Series: This article is a part of the coaching SOS series. Read all the latest content in The Coaching SOS Series, click here. Experience directing a movie in your daily life, where You are The STAR of the movie. Each article will give you a script which you may recreate in your life as per your desires. And as you go about living the script, you will witness the magic unfold in your own Life.



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