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7 Warning Signs that You are Killing Your Career Success

In a fast paced world, it is important to take note and make sure that you are not killing your own career success. You work hard, you follow a routine and life goes on. But something still feels incomplete, something feels out of place. You are not sure what it is, but you think its just a phase that’ll pass by.
But this same feeling keeps coming back and back again, as if to haunt you and warn you that you are missing out on something. That somehow, after doing everything, you are getting left behind. And that is a really bad feeling, and makes you miserable inside. Others may not notice it yet, but you feel it and you know it in your instinct.

This is a sign that the universe is trying to send to you, and warn you that you are stuck in a rut and its time for something more exciting that adds vigour & growth & joy to your life in different forms. It is time to look at innovative new way to create career success for yourself. And if you choose to embrace it, this can be the turning point for you. If you make a change at this critical point, the universe rewards you in all forms.

Often times, you are in this critical place, yet you are unsure if this is really it. If you keep ignoring it for too long, you will eventually reach your burnout stage. And eventual depression is a definite outcome. Then, you would be unhappy about what you have done with your life. Your relationships will be messed up. Happiness will seem superficial. Career bliss becomes a remote possibility and there would seem to be no purpose to your life. You would lack satisfaction or fulfilment or happiness or trust or growth or excitement. And life would be a drag and nothing would feel fulfilling. 

But all that misery in your life and career can be avoided. The failure could be averted and you could be living a much happier, exciting life and career on your own terms. The first step is the realisation & acceptance of your current situation. If you are gifted with the ability to analyse your current situation with all honesty. Then you realise and accept, that you are stuck in a rut, then you are better that 70% of people around the world who are leading miserable lives, just because they are in denial of the truth around them & inside them.

To make this first step of Career Success easy for you, here are 7 signs that indicate that you are stuck in a rut and maybe even killing your career somehow. Treat them as symptoms before the disease of misery can hit you in life. But, If you reach out now, and take remedial measure, life can be quite wonderful. And i am sure you need not be convinced on the inevitability of that situation.

The 7 signs that you are stuck in a Rut in your Career And Not-growing are as follows: 

1. You have started to worry too much, and are often unsure of how things would turn out

Deep down inside you, you know you are deserving of better results, but you somehow you have started to worry too much. You are unsure about how things would turn out. You wonder if things will go wrong. You worry if things will go as per your plan. and are anxious about various things. Stress comes to you much more often now.

2. Everything is harder for you to do and get. It feels like a struggle

You notice other people glide through life, when you have had to work so hard for everything. It is disappoint when you see that people around you don’t have to put half as much effort as you did. It is always tough & challenging for you. Rewards don’t come easy to you. Almost everything is harder for you to get and life feels life such a struggle.

3. You get tired more often, you lack enthusiasm and happiness feels temporary

Things around you and people around you are not exciting anymore. You now realise, that you yourself are not as exciting anymore. Everything has become routine for you and there is no newness, no excitement, no thrill, no enthusiasm. Age is becoming more that a number and your eyes show you are much older than what you truly are. And above all, you seek a source of true , fulfilling happiness that can fill all your senses. Fill up all your sense with a feeling thats true joy & positivity. You yearn to experience this in your life.

4. Your confidence has begun to shake, and you can feel it deep down in your gut

Although you have your strengths, knowledge & wisdom, but something still feels unsure & incomplete. This factor has started to affect your confidence, and your career success. You can even feel it deep down in your gut. Don’t ignore this. This is a warning sign that you are probably no longer on your true path. For your path of abundance would make you more & more confident with each & every step.

5. You feel you are running in circles, ending in the same situation again & again

You are following the same path that was laid out for you by peoples expectations of what career success should look like. The rewards are the same-old, and there is never anything new that happens around your place of being. You are working hard and running in circles and ending in the situation again & again. And if you keep on ending up again & again, you are killing your own creating and setting up the perfect stage for your burnout. Its time to take control.

6. You often fear about how the people around you would react if you make any change

As you look back at your life, you realise that people’s expectations have moulded most of your life’s most important decisions. You did what you thought was right as per society, and what you think would make you parents & family proud. You have somewhere given up on your dreams, because you wanted to make them happier. And you know that you have been judged by these people all your life. and it is their judgement you have come to fear, if you were to make a change in the way you like to do things. And Now, you have to decide on how long are you willing to live someone else’s life.

7. The ‘Why me?’ Syndrome has attracted you and is pulling you into the ‘Victim’ pool 

If these signs reflect a part of your life, then this can be your turning point. If you reach this stage, respect yourself enough to acknowledge your true situation. Your respect starts with you. Use the above signs, and analyse the symptoms. Acknowledge your situation, and get ready to make a better life for yourself. The first step, realisation & acceptance of your current situation.

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