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10 Killer ways to Overcome Self-doubt and Maximize your Potential

Self-doubt is one of the key reasons 99% of the people never achieve their dreams. They doubt themselves so much, that they live in the constant fear of things going wrong or them. Self-doubt hampers your ability to have fruitful relationships, a successful career, and to be able to live your life. 

overcome self-doubt

Let me illustrate a little here. I am sure you must have played the game of 'Snakes & Ladders'. Have you ever noticed that long snake that comes before the finish line. That snake scares us the most. And it brings us crashing down back from the peak, making all that effort & progress zero. If life was a game of snakes & Ladders, then that snake would be called 'Self-Doubt'. 


“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” ― William Shakespeare 

If only you too could find a way to overcome that Self-doubt, there would be nothing standing in your way of success. You would have the confidence to take on any problem along the path of life. 

10 Killer ways to overcome self doubt:

There are various ways by which you can overcome this self-doubt. Presented below in this article, are 10 ways for you to use to overcome self-doubt and maximize your potential. Exploit these hacks to your advantage to build a stronger foundation for yourself, based on firm self-belief. 

  1. List your achievements 
No matter how long you have lived thus far, when you look back & analyze you can count all your achievements – Big & small. Make a list of all your achievement and pin it up on your work desk to remind you that you are capable of all that and much more too. 

  1. Make a list of the 20 best things about you 
Its time give a reason to love yourself a little more. In his exercise we aim to capture twenty different reason. List 20 things that you really love about yourself. Take time to complete this list, and make every reason something different. 

  1. Pamper yourself 
We have started to become so busy in our lives that we often forget to take care of ourselves. We are often only concerned about the competition and the rat race. In order to overcome self-doubt, it is essential to take time out and give attention to yourself. Find little ways to pamper yourself everyday in your own unique way. 

  1. Stand up for yourself 
The more you respect yourself, the more will be the respect you receive from the people around you. If you think that an event, action, situation or person has put you in a place that is disrespectful of your core identity, then accepting it would be truly foolish. There is no wisdom in being disrespected. You have to stand up for yourself, and create your place of respect. People will always respect those who respect themselves. 

  1. Project yourself with confidence 
Fake it till you make it. It is possible to confuse your mind to the extent that you can eventually almost eliminate self-doubt from your mind. Now that you have decided to do something, you can only ever get the best result if you project yourself with confidence. So next time you have that feeling of nervousness before a big interview/ presentation, simply ignore it and put your best foot forward.  

  1. Sharpen your skills 
Often self-doubt creeps in when we are unsure of our knowledge and position in the overall scheme of things. Sometimes, sharpening your skills, and enrolling for a curse to enhance your confidence and knowledge can be a great way to bust self-doubt and take charge of your success. 

  1. Try something new 
In order to overcome self-doubt, you have to break the routine. Do something new to break the vicious cycle of a mundane routine. Go on a holiday, take a break, explore a new talent, go on an adventure, learn something different, challenge yourself. When you do something new, you expand your horizon and enhance your self-confidence. This new-found confidence helps you overcome self-doubt, and further undertake activities that help you maximize your potential. 

  1. Set up your motivation system 
The highest probability of self-doubt to creep-in is when your motivation levels are low. You have to be motivated to do what you are doing, else your motivation will dwindle. If you force yourself to do something you don't really like on a consistent basis, then your mind loses its alignment with the source as it is being forced to do something that it does not like. This lack of alignment come to us in the form of demotivation. And demotivation leads to increased self-doubt. 

  1. Stop with the over analysis 
If you classify yourself as a smart individual, then you are probably already infected with the symptoms of over thinking and over analysis. This over analysis has never aided anyone in anything. All this excessive thinking and burden on the brain, causes our mind to find reasons for failure, and make us doubt our decisions & actions even more. So stop over-analyzing and just go ahead and try it.  

  1. Make a gratitude list 
Often we get so preoccupied in our own work & tasks that we forget to count our many blessings. And at a time when things are not going well for us, we start feeling as if we are not blessed at all. One fantastic way to overcome this feeling and battle out self-doubt is to make a daily gratitude list of the 3 things we want to thank the universe for each day. Making a gratitude list is a powerful healing exercise, and can create transformation in your life. 

The above are some fantastic ways to stop self-doubt in its tracks and truly move forward towards your true unlimited potential. 

"The main cause of failure is the inability to deal with self-doubt." - Bill Bartmann  
Remember, your life is what you have chosen it to be. You have the power to turn it around as well. Your career adds meaning to your life, make sure to choose a career that you love. This is the best time to be alive on planet earth, because today technology has made available resources that were difficult to access time till before this.  

Use this endless knowledge, and find your way to make joy & peace in your life and career. Happy living to you! 

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I will be happy to hear your thoughts/questions in the comments section below. 

Whenever you are stuck in a rut or when we're off on the wrong path completely, the universe will start giving you signs to point this out to you, and you will know it deep inside you. These are hints that maybe you should take a hard look at where you are, what you’re doing, and what you're going to do about your situation!!! This is your wake up call, heed to it! 


  1. Thanks for sharing this. You have provided a very detailed analysis here. Very Helpful. Keep up the good work.
    - Best, Kathy

    1. Hi Kathy

      Thank you! I am really glad you like it and have found it to be helpful :)

  2. Hi Akanksha

    I read the above article which is written very nicely...I am adopting few things from the given list....keep up the good work.


  3. Hi Mansi

    Thanks for appreciating the content. I hope it is fruitful for you. :)
    Waiting to hear more from you...


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