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8 Warning Signs that Your Job is Not Worth Your Time

If you are stifling at your current job on a regular basis, it is probably because you are too damn creative for it (and thats a good thing). It makes you realize you are made for bigger better things. This may just be the perfect time for a change. 

Life is too short to waste on stuff you don’t like. If you are in a job that is sucking the life out of you on a daily basis, then you really need to take a moment of breath here and think if its really worth it. Is that the only way to put food on the table for your family? Is that the best you can do with your innumerable skills & talents? 

Work is an essential part of your life. It gives your life purpose and meaning. It adds joy in your life. Work is supposed to be fun. I know, the society has put its load of expectations on you and often feel burdened by the responsibilities that you need to fulfill. There is still a ray of hope for you if you are willing to explore it. Your chance to build you legacy by doing what you love. 

To help you analyze your situation better here are 8 warning signs that your job is not worth your time. Later in this article, we also, suggest what you can do if you are witnessing any or many of these signs in your life. 

8 Warning Signs that Your job is Not worth your time: 

Sign 1: You simply dread going to work every day 

Are you excited when you get out of your house and go to work every day or does it seem like a task to you? Do you experience a feeling of joy or do you experience a feeling of negativity when you start your work every day? Simply observe how you feel when you think about work every morning. If you catch yourself, dreading your work, then it means it is adding negative influences in your life, and you somewhere feel its a waste of your energy to go to work. Its time for a change. 

Sign 2: You feel that most of your talents are not being appreciated at your workplace 

It has been a while that you have been working now, and you understand the systems well. You understand your job requirements and you also understand which of your key talents are required to perform this job. Does this encompass the talents that are your best talents. Are you appreciated for doing the job in your unique way? If not, then this is a warning sign in itself. 

Sign 3: Your are bored and feel stuck 

The basic nature of work is to keep you engaged in activities that help you grow personally & professionally. If you experience boredom and frustration at your work, then the very objective of 'working' is not being met. This is also a sign that you are ready for more adventurous career pursuits and should look for new options for yourself. Its time for a change. 

Sign 4: Your work does not allow you to be 'YOU' 

There are some inherent traits, characteristics, ethics and values that define the person 'YOU' are! Your work should ideally represent all of these inherent values for you. If your work values are not in sync with your core skills and values, then it will prevent you from being who YOU truly are. This conflict will make you sad inside, and kill your creativity & productivity. Thereby, affecting your work efficiency & success. 

Sign 5: You are too damn scared to leave your Job 

How do you feel when you think about leaving your job? Are you scared to leave your job? If so, then you are too-damn-over-dependent on your job. This feeling of fear also reflects that your job is becoming a reason for your to escape time, instead of enjoying your time at work. This is a grave concern and indicates that you are wasting away your life doing something that doesn’t motivate you to take up anything new. 

Sign 6: You often catch yourself cribbing or complaining about work 

You must have observed people around you complaining & cribbing about their work related aspects. If you think about it logically, nobody has really forced them to adjust to such adverse situations. It is always their choice. And if they want to change it they can. Take a cue from such observations and see if you catch yourself cribbing or complaining about work. If yes, then you really need to stir up things on the work front. It is time for a change. 

Sign 7: The work stress has started to affect your health and happiness 

Too much work pressure or work-related issues can cause anxiety and stress. High levels of anxiety and stress affect your health and well-being. Are you so busy that you can hardly find time to look after yourself? If your work has started to affect your health and happiness then its not helping you lead a better life any which way. Take caution now. Your job is not worth your time. 

Sign 8: You just know it in your gut 

When you think about your job in your own mind, you get sick or sad thinking about it. You have that strong feeling deep inside you that something is just not right. This is a very strong indication. If you keep on ignoring this, you will feel an increased self-doubt rising inside of you and your confidence in life will do on declining steadily. Heed to this call for change within you. Your current job is definitely not worth your time. 

Now, if you identify any of the above reasons in your work life, then consider this an awakening. You are ready and it is the right time for change.Use this moment and opportunity to turn your life around. Your time in life is very precious. Make sure you spend your time creating memories you cherish. 

Your work constitutes a major chunk of your time on planet earth, make it happy. Use your life to create a difference and live your dreams. You are worth it. 

What is the Solution if your Job is Not Worth Your Time?

Discussed below, are some of the solutions that you may choose to apply. Feel free to be creative about them, and apply them in your life in any manner you deem fit. 

Solution 1: Strive to Change your work content 

Solution 2: Start a Side Business 

Solution 3: Leave your Job 



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