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How to Start a Business with 'No ideas'

Have you ever wanted to open your very own business venture that will help you make a difference in the world and help you to fulfill your dreams? Then there must have been times that you felt you were ready to take the plunge. To finally have the courage to quit your 9-to-5 day job and start something you can give your heart & soul to. Only to realize that you have been stopped in your tracks by the lack of a good business idea.

Now, we all know, that an idea is the foundation stone for any business. It may just be that you would have had a lot of good ideas, but is it really that great. So as to say, is your idea great enough that you can quit your boring job and succeed in profiting from the impeccable implementation of your idea. This is often the dilemma that causes thousands of people to continue struggling in a Workplace that they just don't like. Making you conclude that you haven't been able to start your business as yet because you don't have any business ideas.

If you are stifling in your job and see no career growth, then the article on  3 Daring Things-to-do when your career is Not Growing will be an invaluable read for you. Be sure to browse it here.

Now, we do understand that the need for ideas and the lack of ideas are both issues to take notice of. Well, if you would have read the above paragraph completely, you would realize that there is a pattern forming, and this conversation is leading up to someplace definite. Is this really the article about business idea generation! Think!

To simplify it for you:

The truth is, there is never a lack of ideas for your business. If your mind has the capacity to think, then it is already generating ideas. You are always full of ideas and you are not giving yourself enough credit for them. Just because a specific idea has occurred to you and not to bill gates - does it mean your idea is small? Your idea is only as small as you want it to be. And vice-versa.

"You are surrounded by simple, obvious solutions that can dramatically increase your income, power, influence and success. The problem is, you just don’t see them" Jay Abraham.

Not let's get going… so you do have ideas, but how do you really recognize them. In order to do that, You can follow any of the below methods to brainstorm & collect your ideas in order to start your very own business. Some of my methods are very unconventional and will push you to think bigger and maximize your potential along the way. So be a sport, and hop on to take this journey to your professional freedom.

The Fantastic 4 ways to your next big business idea:)

Make a list of your top 20 ideas - Take a piece of paper and a pen, and write down the best business ideas that you can think of right now. So usually, people are able to come up with 10-12 instant ideas that are inspired by their surrounding stories & lifestyles. Post that your creativity switch turns on and you really start to think.

Analyze what bores you - Analyse what you don’t like about your work, and what are the things that irritate you the most. Take a note of them, and see how you can eliminate them if you had your own business. If you push yourself to think in this unconventional manner, you are sure to stumble upon business ideas of your own. Now you certainly don't want to start a business that you cant carry on for a long time. And if your business bores you, then it won't go far. So play with this idea, and see where it takes you.

24 hr Idea-thon - Go on an idea generating frenzy by using this method. Open a new document in your phone, and go about your day as usual. At the end of every hour, make a note of the one thing that you would like to improve in the professional world - a process, a service, a product anything from the coffee machine to the janitorial services. Each one of those list items in your phone, that you have recorded in one day, can be your next big business idea.

Just do it - go get your hands dirty. Once you get down to business (literally), you will gain insight into what works and what does not. You can them improvise and fine tune your business idea. Analyse if you can start your business as a side gig while being employed in a job full tie. I did this, and so can you. Study your circumstances and carve your own way forward.

So there you go. Now you know exactly how to start your business when you have no ideas. If in case you are still looking for a source to generate a GREAT business idea, then this post on - How to generate a 'Great' business idea can be life-changing for you.

Whatever you do, be persistent. You will only reach the end of the road leading to your success after you have covered the distance (by land, air or sea - its up to you).



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