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Is it the 'RIGHT' time to quit Your Day Job? Find Out Now..

Stuck in traffic, listening to the endless horns, reaching office 5 minutes too late to find a parking, and your boss just isn't pleased with your efficiency at work. And you think to yourself - What the hell am I doing here? Where is my Life going? Is it the RIGHT Time to quit my job?

If you have found yourself thinking that recently, then this article is your solution. Too many times in life, we let go of our urge to do something new and adventurous because someone tells us we will get over it with time. Well time, my friend, surely can heal many wounds but can never suppress your hearts desire. 

If your work doesn’t give you the kick anymore and it’s a pain going to work every day. Then heed to this wake-up call. If you do not heed to your hearts desire then what? Well, If your work life is not doing you good, and you have been constantly suppressing our soul's urge for something more adventurous, then you will start to notice some of the following signs of burnout in your professional life:
  • You are bored easily at work
  • You are frustrated more often
  • The work stress is driving you crazy
  • The work stress is affecting your health
  • You have become 'too busy' to give time to yourself
  • Your family life is getting more & more tense
  • You feel dissatisfied  and searching for a purpose
  • You have started to feel unhappy and lost
  • You have a brilliant idea that cannot wait any longer to be executed

Now, You may have done well for yourself. But if these symptoms have started to appear in your life, then its time to find something new. Below we discuss these symptoms in a little more detail, to help you understand these better.

9 Warning Signs that it is the Right time to Quit Your Day Job

1. You are easily bored at work
So, you do get to work every day like a responsible employee, and you work hard. But recently, its become more and more difficult to be excited about work. You have started to feel the boredom creeping in. And if your work is not engaging you, then it's time to step back and really analyze if your job is worth your time. Maybe it’s the right time to quit your job and move onto a new adventure. After all, life's too short to waste it getting bored.
2. You are frustrated more often
You may have noticed that you get frustrated because of your job much more often now-a-days. This is because you feel that you have so much more talent and your job is just not giving you to hone all of your talents creatively. This frustration will soon turn into an irritation. And as a result, your mundane tasks at work will start to irritate you.

3. The work stress is driving you crazy
All that tension and work pressure is really adding to the steam building up inside you. It seems the stress is increasing with no real benefits. In short, your work stress is driving you crazy and it is about time you quit your day job. And remember, this stress is not because you are not productive or efficient enough, this stress is simply because your work isn't engaging enough.
4. The work stress is affecting your health
Innumerable diseases and unfavorable health conditions are being caused by the increasing amount of work stress. Now-a-days, It is often said, that you work so hard and under so much stress in your younger years in order to pay the medical bills for all the disease you create because of that work stress. In short, you are working to get sick and then pay the bills. This may sound harsh, But it is sadly becoming an alarming truth of the new generation. Save yourself while you still can, and quit your job before it pushes you to this point.
5. You have become 'too busy' to give time to yourself
Got no time for friends and family and to do the things you really enjoy! Have you gotten 'too busy' to live your life? If you have indeed become too busy to give time to yourself and to the activities you hold dear, then you are in a mess. Your day job is meant to support your life, not run your life. So get out there, be bold and live your dreams. Maybe it is really is the right time to quit your day job.
6. Your family life is getting more & more tense
You work may have started to keep you so preoccupied that you have hardly any mind space for a fruitful & happy family life. You family need you and you need them. If you value your family and you feel that your family life is getting tense because you spend more time working, then this is your wake up call. You work to live and NOT live to work. You have tremendous potential, and you just have to find a new way to tap into it.
7. You feel dissatisfied  and you are searching for a purpose
If you have started to consider what your purpose of life is, then it is probably because your job is not helping you either live or discover your purpose in life. You are here to do much more than simply work your day job. You have so much talent, and so many dreams that your job is no longer enough to hold you back from reaching your dreams.

8. You have started to feel unhappy and lost
The work is the same, you know every little trick in the book. Yet, for some reason you feel lost, you feel unhappy. Your work is not giving you happiness. It is as if you have lost your way, and searching for the right direction in your life once more. If these feelings resonate with you, then its high time that you quit your day job. It is time you respect your own feelings.
9. You have a brilliant idea that cannot wait any longer to be executed

If You have a brilliant idea that cannot wait any longer to be executed, then your mind is already not in your work. And its time you accepted that. And if your soul is urging you to take a different path, then you are more than ready to quit your day job.

What to do if it is the Right Time to Quit your Job?

You need to gather some courage. Its our life and you are letting it slip out of your hands. So, make up your mind, stop reading this article and do something that will change your life starting NOW.

If you are still looking for ideas as to what you can do, then go ahead and explore 3 Daring Things to do when your career is not growing (Click Here to Read).



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