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Is your time really valuable? Let us find out...

Sometimes brilliance comes to you in very different forms. I wanted to share with you an idea that struck me recently and was so very important that it was almost life-changing. It is surprising how we ignore simple simple things in life that can make a world of difference to us. This brainwave, I had, was around the importance of our own time in our own lives.

We all fume when we have to wait in a queue and when we get stuck in traffic, and we often complain that our time has been wasted. Sure, your time is valuable, or at least it should be that way! But the bigger question is - Are you truly valuing your own time? Before you blame someone or something else for wasting your time, ask yourself if you are making the best use of your time yourself.

Remember, Others can never value you or your time more than you value your own self or your own time.
So, it's time to really think what is the value of your time?

You may have observed some people around you follow a mindless routine day after day each day. Do you think they will ever achieve fulfillment in life if they continue their same monotonous routine? Are they happy in their life or will they ever? Are 'You' happy with your life right now?

As you move through life day after day, analyze if you are living your own aspirations or are you simply complying with the aspirations of the people around you… Your time is yours' my friend and yours' alone!

Are you making all the effort to make the most of your time, or are you simply waiting for things to happen and just waiting for life to happen? Are you spending each moment creating a life that is more brilliant or more happy, or Did you just waste those previous 5 minutes cribbing about your daily chores or something else?

That is the beauty of time. We all have but a limited amount of it, but only very few of us ever learn its true value. We make excuses and delay our tasks to tomorrow, the day after or later on, as we wait to waste our time. Are you letting yourself stay stuck in a job or situation that you just don't like? Are you still waiting for a right time to begin? While you are losing all this precious time…

Respect the brilliance of Time. It is only a matter of choice.

Make that change, make that call, make that transformation happen now in Your Life! Make your time count for your own self. Work to fast track your success, your personal growth and your happiness, and a better life. Make life worth living for in each moment.

Once again, Remember: Others will never value you or your time more than you value your own self or your own time.
So, it's time to really think what is the value of your time?

How are you going to create more success for yourself in the time that you have, or would you rather just sit around and wait. You have the power to make this choice! You don't have to wait to value your own time, my friend. You can give yourself that respect starting right now. Don't let the fear of failure stop you from making the most of your time on planet Earth.

The TIME that you waste waiting for an opportunity, waiting for things to happen, is the heaviest cost you will pay in your life. No matter what you do you can NEVER EVER get that wasted time back. And I am sure, by now, you realize, that Time is an extremely uncertain and a very limited resource. You can always earn more money, but you can never get more time in your life.

To take control of your time, the only thing that you can do is, make the best use of the TIME going forward. Make this moment, right now, count towards creating a better life for yourself.

These are thought provoking questions & facts that one must dwell upon to find their inspiration. And once you find your inspiration, don't just sit on it, Do something about it!

Make your life worth living for in each moment!

Also, Share this knowledge with everyone you can.


  1. This is so true. We often mistake money to be important...but without Time, money is of no use.

    1. Yes, Indeed! The sooner we practically apply this learning in our life, the happier we will be.
      Thanks for your message. :)


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