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Am I the only one who feels stuck in life?

Here is what you really need to do when you feel stuck in your life...
In my years as a coach, as we progress in a coaching program, and as the client slowly unwinds their life and clear the mess that had been accumulating there since ages almost to a point of suffocation, a new realization of freedom slowly tends to dawn upon them. Almost every client comes to a point where they ask me 'Am I the only one who feel so stuck in my life?' or 'I don't think anyone else is as messed up as I am'. Well, the truth be told, they are actually in a better place than 90% of the world out there.

You wanna know the reason why…..

Because these people haven't given up on themselves. They decided to brave the storm, not ignore it. The knew that their life could be better and they had the courage to hire a professional coach to help them along their path.

If you are at a point in your life, where things seem messed up or just stuck or everything in life is just a blur, then my advice to you would be - STOP IGNORING IT!
The more you crib and complain and cry about it inside of you the worse it will get.

Find your outlet, find your guidance and find your motivation. Do something, anything but stop taking your life for granted. Life is short- make it happy!

For once in your life do something for yourself. You deserve happiness, but are you ready to commit yourself to it or are you still worried what people might say? Are you worried that people will make you feel left out if you choose to pursue your happiness? Don't you think there is something amiss with that thinking pattern!!

It’s the wake-up call - If you are scared of what people might say if you invest in yourself for your happiness, then are these people truly supporting your happiness? And if they are not supporting your happiness, are they really worth it?

Your first step is to acknowledge a need for change in your life.

Reclaim your life….Reclaim Your Joy!


  1. This is so true. We really have to stop ignoring it. Thanks for this. I find it very difficult to escape people's judgment of me. Any suggestion?

  2. Hi Jane
    The best way to overcome all the fear associated with being judged is by increasing your self-esteem. If you value yourself, and respect your decisions, then others will have little or no effect on your life. You cant make people shut up but you can always grow stronger from within to mute the noise.
    Hope this helps! Cheers!


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