Friday, 2 June 2017

How to truly LIVE a Life without any regrets...

Most people never realize their own true potential and waste away with a life full of regrets.

Your regrets, at the end of your life, will be around how you never took the chance on your own dreams. How you regret having not truly lived! They are always spiraling in the vicious cycle of funk and self-sabotage.

But there are some people around us who seem to live a life they love. They may be judged as whatever by others, but frankly the love the life they live. And over time, you too will develop a respect for them because that are happy and have found their way to happiness, while you are still lost in the world of expectations.

Most people around us, fall into 3 categories-

    1. The Doer's
These are the people who seem to have life sorted out. They are in touch with themselves and they know what makes them happy. They are connected to the outside world, but their own priorities are crystal clear. They have big dreams, and they aren't afraid to follow them. These are the people who live a happier life and have the least regrets towards the end of their life.

2. The Day-Dreamer's
These people look at other people and think 'If only I was as successful'. They have dreams, and they think dreams are only fantasies. These are the one's that work hard each day, and yet have to adjust in all circumstances. They may not say it out loud, but they know it inside of them that they are not really happy. They want to do something big, but are often afraid o the risk, and live in the fear of failure. These are the people who haven't given up on themselves, yet haven't been able to muster the courage to stand up for their dreams and for themselves. They are the ones who carry the weight of the world.

3. The Devastated
We all know these people. They are devastated almost all the time. They are cribbing, complaining, criticizing most of the time. They are the ones most involved with the office politics and they are the ones who are out to prove that the universe if against them. They almost hate their own life and are good at finding faults in everyone's life. And these are the people who never walk the talk. They are all gas. They live an unfulfilling life, and die the same way. And mind you, no one has forced this way of life on them.

Now, the big question is, which category do you fall in, or do you borderline between two categories?

The real point here is that do you really want to move to the top category and how will you move to the top?

The biggest difference between the first category of people and everyone else is the Right Mindset. It takes a real transformation, and a change of perspective to develop that right mindset. It takes discipline and a readiness to invest in yourself to have a better life. Most of you would give up on this point.

The reason is because you have been taught since childhood, think of others before yourself. And this flawed premise and led to the self-bashing and the self-sabotage. If you want to overcome the funk, you have to keep yourself before everyone else. Respect yourself, before you respect others. You are a unique individual, and you deserve the respect.

2 Steps to make sure that You do NOT live a life of regret:
1.Understand where you stand today 
2.Invest in building the Right Mindset

Show yourself the respect you deserve and invest in yourself. Your happiness is worth much more than all the money you can earn in this lifetime. A happy life is the key to a fulfilled life. Take the time now, to make the best of all the days to come ahead. Build the right mindset and unleash the best that life has to offer to you.

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Life Truly Happens when you Believe in Yourself

Life Truly Happens when you Believe in Yourself