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The 4 - Step Money Magnet Technique

The topic of Money stirs emotion in almost everyone. And rightly so, because Money seems to have a lot of value today. It gives us the freedom to lead the kind of life we desire. And often we are uncomfortable around the topic of Money. This indicates that there are a lot of clogged pipes around this topic, and it is time to come to terms with it. The more you continue to ignore it, the more you repel money from entering into your life. And the more confident you are about the abundance for you, the more money will flow into your experience.

So, the best place to start this conversation with money is through understanding your emotions and gaining more positive control around this topic.

Detailed below is a unique step-by-step technique to unblock the flow of wealth into your life and to let abundance set you free -

The Money Magnet Technique:

Step 1: Overcome the Money Limiters
Step 2: Welcome the 'Wealth Lord' into your Life
Step 3: Seek & Act on the Universal Guidance
Step 4: Receive with Gratefulness

Step 1
Overcome the Money Limiters:
This is the first and the most important step of the entire process. This is something you should have been taught in school. This is what is really standing in your way to amassing great fortune and wealth. Your Money Limiters is like a Money Monster that is itself unhappy, dominating and disturbing. You just have to get rid of it.
In order to overcome Money Limiters, you would first need to identify the Money Limiters. Money Limiter is like the speed limit to your car. It stops you from taking you vehicle ahead at full speed and thereby puts a limit to how fast you can travel on road. Similarly, Money Limiters are the limits that keep you from true abundance to flow into your life. Money limiters often give you the perception of safety from a point of fear and uncertainty.

Most often, Money Limiters/ Money Monsters can be identified as:
  1. Self-doubt
  2. Uncertainty
  3. Fear of the unknown
  4. Low-Risk Appetite
  5. Fear of Judgment
  6. Insecurity
  7. Adjusting to Mediocrity
  8. 'Can't Afford It' Excuse
  9. Being Underpaid/ Under-charging
  10. External Critical Performance Appraisals

You have to find your way to overcome all or any Money Limiters. These Money Limiters often takes form in the shape of a voice in your head that stops you from exploring your true unlimited potential. Some of these money limiters are obvious, while for the rest you have to dig deeper.

Advanced Note: More often than not, All money limiters find their spark from an increasing amount of self-doubt. If you can rid yourself of self-doubt, you are well on your way.

Step 2
Welcome the 'Wealth Lord' into your life:
There is a strong magnetic force that seems to be making the rich richer and the poor poorer. There is a way to harness this force and attract it to act in your favor. This magnetic force can be in the form of a Wealth God/Goddess, an invisible attraction, a voice in your head, your gut feel, etc. But they all have one thing in common, it is a strong voice with a mind of its often. 
Once you let go of the Money Limiters, the negative voice in your head that had been stopping you will also start to diminish. And almost simultaneously, you will hear a happier, more enthusiastic voice in your head that seems to be guiding you. This is the part where you welcome The Wealth Lord. This unique voice in your head is the universal guidance system and will guide you towards greater faith and abundance.

As per ancient Indian Hindu Mythology, the Gods and Goddesses of wealth will come into your life only when you stop doubting them. They demand your utmost faith in them and in your ability to act as per their guidance. The part of this holy guidance in represented by the voice of the Wealth Lord in your head. This voice is always supportive, and totally dependable.

Step 3
Seek and Act as per Universal Guidance:

Whenever you are unsure as to what you should do to allow abundance to flow into your life, you need to take a deep breath, calm your mind, and out of complete faith ask for guidance from The Wealth Lord. The Wealth Lord will always respond as a strong positive voice in your head. It will always put you in the right place. You must act immediately as per the guidance of The Wealth Lord. The Wealth Lord has access to all the riches, all the abundance od the worlds. And when you seek his guidance, he/she shall respond every time, thereby giving you access to unparalleled opportunities and wisdom.

Step 4:
Receive with Gratefulness

The way to keep the Wealth Lord in your life is by being grateful for all the abundance you have in your life. Small or big, thank the wealth Lord for all the opportunities and wealth that come your way. Every time you feel grateful, you feel abundant. And every time you feel abundant, you open up the path for more wealth to flow into your experience.

So, in short, be aware of your response. Catch yourself, the next time you are about to crib or complain. Instead turn your attention towards something that you are grateful for. Look around, observe and focus on the positive. Ignite Joy in your conversation about Money.

As you receive with gratitude, you will witness your wealth increase many folds. It's almost as if you have transformed into a money magnet and you can then experience a new freedom with money like never before.

All the best! And enjoy the process…

How to fast-track this Money Magnet Process:

While you are free to explore the free information available here, it mostly depends on how well you apply it in your life. If you are looking to fast-track the implementation of the Money Freedom Technique into your life, then the following opportunity has come to present itself to you.

In my years and experience as a coach, I have helped people from all across the world build more wealth and joy in their lives. Based on all my experience, I articulated this process into an easy step-by-step method,  and I know exactly how to apply it. I can help you identify and overcome all your money limiters. And then help you seek and hear the voice of the Wealth Lord in your own Life. And how you can make this entire process easy for you every time you want more wealth to flow into your life.

To effect change in any area of your life, you first need to carry out some activity that will leave a big impression on your subconscious, your mindset. This high-impact activity must be done with persistence so that it becomes a part of your mindset. Along with this, you need a support system to encourage you to keep going in the right direction. People who are low on funds have a major money-magnet hurdle, as subconsciously they are operating in a state of scarcity. They believe that there isn’t enough money for them, although there really is no shortage of wealth in the world. As your coach, I can help you overcome this hurdle. To change your results, you have to first change your beliefs about what you can accomplish in life. Your beliefs determine your thoughts, which control your feelings, which in turn affect your actions, which lead to your results. I help people ease out this entire process and implement it smoothly in their own life.

Next Step:

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