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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Why You will Fail to Live your Dream? (Killer Procrastination)

Too many people around you are compromising on their dreams. But the ones that you look up to, are the ones who are living their dream. To an extent, you maybe even jealous of them.

But, hey, they aren't the ones who are stopping you from living your dream! Are they?

In fact, no one is stopping you from truly going out there and striving for your dream. The only person getting in the way of your aspirations is YOU! Isn't it true?
Overcome Procrastination

On this note, I would like to share the following video which is a TED talk by Larry Smith who is a professor of economics at the University of Waterloo in Canada. In this funny and in-your-face talk, Larry Smith pulls no punches when he calls out the absurd excuses people invent when they fail to pursue their passions. If you are truly ambitious about your dreams, and wouldn't want to be the one with regrets when you leave this planet for good, then this video is for you. In the above video, Larry Smith says '' No matter how many times people tell you, "If you want a great career, you have to pursue your passion, you have to pursue your dreams, you have to pursue the greatest fascination in your life," you hear it again and again, and then you decide not to do it. It doesn't matter how many times you download Steven J.'s Stanford commencement address, you still look at it and decide not to do it.

I'm not quite sure why you decide not to do it. You're too lazy to do it. It's too hard. You're afraid if you look for your passion and don't find it, you'll feel like you're an idiot, so then you make excuses about why you're not going to look for your passion. They are excuses, ladies, and gentlemen. We're going to go through a whole long list -- your creativity in thinking of excuses not to do what you really need to do if you want to have a great career." Take a moment to absorb this information. Re-read that bit again.

The Reason as to Why You Will Fail to Live your Dream

So, what have been your excuses for not having started to pursue your passion and your dream?
An excuse is all that it is. And that is what we are all good at - EXCUSES. And do you want to know why we are so good at coming up with those excuses? Why you are going to fail to live your dream?
Drum Roll Please….
And the Award goes to …..
PROCRASTINATION. Yes, That’s true - At some level, we all Procrastinate. Every day we make up a new excuse and justify to our own self as to why we should not go after our dream today. Maybe Tomorrow. Every day we run in a maze of procrastination, but seldom do we find our way out of that maze. Procrastinators are not lazy people, they are simply creative enough to keep coming up with new excuses. And then they do nothing until they have created a full-scale disaster for themselves, and panic engulfs them, and they have to make do with mediocre results, mediocre relationships, and a mediocre life. Whatever age and stage of life you are at, you can find a way to make your life happier and more meaningful. So, My friend, the only thing that you really need to work upon is overcoming your procrastination. Once you overcome your procrastination you can shed your worry, guilt, laziness, and start to create a life that is truly worthy of experience on this planet earth. A life of self-achievement, happiness, focus, excitement, and true meaning is waiting for your beyond the disasters of procrastination.

The Easy & Effective Way to Overcome Procrastination:

If you are looking for an easy way to help you overcome procrastination, and break free from getting stuck in this daily maze of excuses, let us connect. I can help you put into place proven systems, and hacks to increase your productivity and accountability. I have helped scores of ambitious individuals achieve a breakthrough. Overcome your procrastination to Unleash the Genius in You. Best, Coach Akanksha

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Life Truly Happens when you Believe in Yourself

Life Truly Happens when you Believe in Yourself