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5 Critical Mistakes that are destroying your Career Opportunities

It is just too often that people complain about not having the kind of career growth they feel they truly deserve. They feel that they are either not being given the right kind of job responsibilities or growth opportunities or monetary compensation.

Career Mistakes

They feel unsure of what direction their life is heading towards. Through my coaching experience and knowledge from industry, I have come to observe that there are certain critical mistakes that are common to a lot of people struggling for career growth. I am listing them in the following bullets so that you can easily understand them, and take remedial action if in case any of these might be affecting your career growth opportunities.

5 Critical Common Mistakes that are hampering your career growth opportunities are:

1. Lack of a career direction and a personal career long-term plan

Do you know where your career is heading to? Does your career align with your core ethics and values? Do you have strong ethics and values? How can you develop them and align your career to match your expectations and desires?
Nowadays, every company has their own talent management systems, many of which ask you to set your goals for the year. These goals are then determined to judge our performance for the year. Some people, mistake this for career planning. It is quite the opposite of that.
Career clarity and career planning is a conscious effort to understand where you see yourself 5 years or 10 years from now, what are your career dreams, and exactly what steps are you planning to take to reach there. A career coach is the right person to help you achieve this.

2. Inability to project yourself in the proper light

The art of presentation and effective communication differentiates winners from the crowd. Ask yourself, Does the industry recognize you as an expert in your career or job field? Are you able to correctly put across your strengths and talents in an interview or presentation? Does your resume make you jump out of the page and get noticed?
If you answered 'NO' to any of the above questions, then you are not projecting yourself well. If the industry does not see you differently, then you are just another individual who is part of the crowd. In today's age of distraction and disruption, you have to make a genuine effort to stand out and stay ahead of your competition to increase your career growth opportunities.

3. Poor Networking skills

Do you have a strategy to build your network? How many people do you add to your network each month?
Every single connection is important. The power of networking is growing by the hour. Someday, someplace, any of your connections can prove valuable. Especially if you are wanting to accelerate your career opportunities. Invest your time and energy to build your networking strategy.

4. Incomplete LinkedIn Profile

Do you have a complete profile on LinkedIn? Are all the sections complete? Are your skills updated? Are you available for new job opportunities? How visible and impressive are you? Do you have a professional picture on LinkedIn?
Whether your career started in a business or in a job, the most important professional growth platform today is LinkedIn. If you haven't yet taken the time to complete and maintain an updated LinkedIn profile, do it now. LinkedIn has over 500 million active users worldwide, and this number is growing exponentially each year. This is the only platform that is inclined the most professionally. Join this revolution, don't get left behind

5. Somebody else is setting your career expectations

People will tell you that their mother, father, brother, husband or wife or somebody else told them to follow a career that they now feel stuck in. Well, stop right there.
They may have played that role, and I am not denying that. But now that you realize that you don’t like where you are, why don’t you do something to change it. 
Change is a choice, and it won't happen unless you take persistent action. If you still, let somebody else set your career expectations, then you might as well be prepared for an unfulfilling career. It's your choice who you listen to. Would you rather listen to your heart and achieve a fulfilling and fun-filled life. OR would you still like to listen to someone else and waste your time and energy cribbing? The choice is yours, my friend.

If any of the above critical mistakes are hampering your career growth, then now is the time to take charge. You can stay ahead of the competition if you manage not to do the mistakes everyone else is doing. To be a winner, you don't always have to do different things. Most of the times a winner simply does the things differently than how everyone else is doing it.
Avoid these mistakes and see your career take a new leap.

About the Author: Akanksha Vir is an International Leadership and Career Breakthrough coach. She helps people from all across the world to build rewarding careers and attain greater professional heights. She helps people via her Webinars, Transformational Programs, and one-on-one Coaching, as well as through her articles and books.



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