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7 Effective Ways to Combat Work Stress and Anxiety Disorders

Everyone knows that the rising demands of the corporate world are leading to greater stress levels, anxiety disorders, and depression in more and more people.

The anxiety levels of individuals are on the rise in the corporate world. Sleeplessness, irritability, frustration, and panic attacks are all symptoms of a building Anxiety Disorder. And an anxiety disorder hampers your growth in life and in your career. Your creativity is badly affected, your time management goes for a toss, and your relations become tense. There is increase self-doubt and self-pity. And an anxiety disorder can eventually lead to depression and self-harm.

While you usually would not require meds to tackle Anxiety disorder, but if you don't check it right away, it may lead to serious consequences.

If you know a manager or boss who treats his/her employees badly, its highly probable that this individual is being affected by a serious Anxiety disorder.

With the rising competition and demands of the job market, the stress and anxiety levels have increased like never before. According to this Huffington Post Article, almost 1 in every 3 corporate sector individuals in big cities like Delhi, Bombay, New York, etc. is suffering from an Anxiety Disorder.

As per this recent article in Times of India, "A Dutch study in the British Journal of Psychiatry in 2016 said the risk of death by natural and unnatural causes was significantly higher among individuals with anxiety disorders as compared with the general population. It also quoted a meta-analysis of approximately five million deaths worldwide being attributable to mood and anxiety disorders each year".

Hence the probability that you or someone close to you may be affected by an anxiety disorder that can completely disrupt a happy life is alarmingly high.

But, you can take control NOW.

If you take charge of your career and your wellness, the probability of getting adversely affected by any unexpected situation at work is very less. And it makes you a stronger and more successful and happier individual as well. There is an urgent pressing need for an individual to realize that they need to ignite joy in their life and take real action to do so.

Here, at, it is our constant endeavour to help ambitious professionals, like yourself, to take greater control of your Career and Time.

7 Powerful ways to Avoid/Overcome Work Stress and Anxiety Disorders

Following are 7 Effective ways to ensure that you can avoid and overcome any Anxiety or stress due to your work and career growth:

1. True Self-Appreciation

A lot of cases of anxiety and stress start when an individual experiences high self-doubt and self-guilt. In today's tough times, when everyone else is ready to point the finger at you, sanity is hard to come by and even harder to maintain. A key technique to make yourself stronger in view of all these blame games that people play is to indulge yourself in more true self-appreciation. And this is dictated by you and you decide the terms. Take the time every day, to count at least 10 things that you appreciate about yourself and your life. As you make this practice of self-appreciation, a part of your daily routine, your level of self-belief increases and hence the stressful effects of the external environments become manageable to an extent. True Self-Appreciation is when you truly believe in what you appreciate about yourself. This can help you avoid anxiety disorders and stress.

2. Have a solid Career Growth Plan

The fear of uncertain job market, the increasing completion and vulnerability to inadaptability to change can often lead to increased levels of stress and anxiety. You may hear stories around the office or in the news or someone gossiping about the job market volatility, and yes - all that may be true. The fear of failure can grip you at any time and create tension, stress and anxiety in your life. But, if you could take steps to create a higher level of certainty in your career life, then these things don't affect you as badly as they would have if you choose to do nothing. An alarming 88% of the population takes no concrete long-term steps to design a career pan to cater to their lifestyle needs and desires.
An effective way to beat this vulnerability to uncurtaining and hence the stress and anxiety disorder that follow with it is to build a solid personal long-term career growth plan. A job is not a career, it is just a part of a greater career plan. Here at, we help you build a powerful personalized long-term career growth plan. Click here, to know more.

3. Align with your values, and desires

Is the corporate world job exactly the way you had imagined it to be while you were in college and so badly wanted to become a part of the corporate world? No, right. It is very different from what you had imagined. In a lot of ways, it may be quite the very opposite of what you had imagined. And it is probably equally true to say that your dream job hasn’t turned out to be what it was supposed to.
In all this polarity, it is very easy to get lost and confused, thereby raising the level of uncertainty, stress, and anxiety. In such turbulent times, it is important to re-align yourself with your core values and desires, and ensure that your career falls in line with you, and not the other way around.
We have helped hundreds of clients create accelerate growth in a fulfilling career by helping then align themselves and recognize their area of expertise through our signature authentic-self pyramid system. This ensures that you build a strong foundation for a more happy and fulfilling life and career.

4. Calming exercises & meditation

With our constant touch with technology, we are receiving an overwhelming amount of information every second. And this overwhelming amount of information pulls our mind in different directions. This leads to more and more stress and anxiety disorders.
Calming exercises like Yoga and Meditation practices like Mindfulness can go a long way in helping you to avoid and overcome stress and anxiety disorders. They lead to a health and calm state of mind and enhance our happiness and creativity along the process. Be sure to include some of these calming exercises and meditation practices into your daily routine to combat stress and anxiety in your daily life.

5.Build Time Management Skills

The increasing amount of time spent in traffic, the constant work pressure, and demands of healthy living all put an increasing emphasis on the need for better time management skills. Better time management skills can help you enhance your productivity and efficiency, and allow you to find time for yourself as well. Mindless working is what you see in the office around you. Individuals are not as productive but just seen cribbing more often on how demanding their work is. One solution to this common problem is to build and apply time management skills. 
Everyone has the same 24 hours in the day, learn how o create more time for yourself, your family & Friends, and for your growth with effective Time Management Skills that we teach you here at

6. Motivation Management

If it is difficult to get out of bed almost every day, because you just don’t feel like going to work, it is not your fault. This is a warning sign that your motivation towards your current job is excessively low. Simply put, you just aren't' motivated to do this work in this work environment. (If you complain of the tedious travel to work that puts a thorn in the mood daily, that too forms a part of your work routine).
It has been proven since age immemorial that to lead a happy and fulfilling life, it is essential to be motivated in your day to day routine. And your work forms 80% or more of your day-to-day routine. Hence low levels of motivation at work cannot be ignored and, will lead to stress and anxiety disorders.
Make an effort or hire a career coach to help you understand and set up your core motivation system. More consistent motivation means more growth, more success, more happiness and more likeability in the social setup. Motivation helps you enhance your creativity and push your limits for your good.

7. Write it off

If there is an incident that is really disturbing you and causing stress and anxiety, and you want a calm way of easing yourself out of this emotional state, then stop thinking about it in your head, and simply write it down on a piece of paper. The art of writing with a pen is such that it connects you to your writing. This enables you to fully express yourself and release any suppressed emotions. Be sure to do this privately, and you may even choose to destroy this piece of paper so that this anger and this secret remains between you and that piece of paper.

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