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4 solid ways to use the art of influencing people for your success

From the moment we step into this world, we are taught to adjust to the society and blend in. And often times we would be made to do things or act as per what the society deems correct. And thus the need for approval and to impose our approval runs rampant everywhere we go. 

Win and influence People

But then we notice people who don’t seem to be walking this line. The kind of people who everyone wants to be around. The people who simply attract other people by the strength of their own character. And when we observe them more closely, we will realize that they are some sort of experts at the unique and powerful art of influencing people. And people are happily obliged to follow their guidance or influence. This is true power.

Being an influence allows you to understand people better, and helps you to create collaborative success by allowing them to contribute in a self-motivated manner. Everyone inside this situation is happy, while the people outside simply stand and watch in bewilderment. 
Influence people
This is the art of getting your work done without any sort of resistance. That's the art of succeeding in a people-oriented world. This is where your point of reference changes and the world, to some extent, starts revolving around you. And once you have discovered this power you can do so much more with your life and in your lifetime.

4 Tips to learn the Art of Influencing People for your Success

Below are some solid beginner tips to help you build your influencing skills:

1. Connect at an emotional level
You have got to be genuinely interested in. The other person and what they are saying. If you take the time to understand and listen to people, they feel they can associate with you much better. Connect with the other individual at an emotional level and try and communicate with them accordingly. 

Please be mindful that this is different from seeking their approval. This is about your ability to make the other person feel heard and understood.

2. Use High-powered body language
Body language is a powerful tool that helps you not only to re-emphasize your point but also to win the trust of the people you are communicating with. Assertive body language is the unique ability to make your body movement establish your influence.

People who have a poor body language portray signs of distrust and lack of confidence. This means people will not trust you readily, and hence will be wary of anything you say. This destroys your capacity to influence other people. Work on identifying and developing the core elements of assertive body language for e.g positive hand gestures and confident eye contact. 

3. Train, develop and enhance
You will seldom be considered an influencer if you don’t know what you are talking about. People often want to follow an individual who has greater experience or expertise in an area than themselves. Take the time to identify your core area of expertise or influence, and then train, develop and enhance yourself in that particular area.

Continuous self-enhancement impress upon other people that you are a self-critical individual and have high self-esteem as you make the deliberate effort to improve your own self.

4. Get your life sorted out
People often tend to be influenced by people who have made it big in life, or people who had the courage to follow their own dream. They look up to these people as being more 'sorted - out' in their own lives as they had the courage to understand and do whatever would bring them fulfillment.

So, to be a better influencer, Get a grip on your life and what your dreams and passions are, and how you are going to achieve them

Developing the above skills or characteristics will help you build and enhance your position as an influencer. As you unfold this conscious journey towards greater fulfilment in a people-orientated world, your influencing skills can make your life a lot easier and a lot more satisfying. 

About the Author: Akanksha Vir is an International Leadership and Career Breakthrough coach. She helps people from all across the world to build rewarding careers and attain greater professional heights. She helps people via her Webinars, Transformational Programs, and one-on-one Coaching, as well as through her articles and books.



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