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'Effortless Doing' - Following your passion and Doing what you love

Wei Wu Wei - Effortless Doing. Don't we all want to get into that zone of effortless doing. When our work and actions become effortless. Often times, we find this concept most difficult to achieve in our professional lives. 

Effortless doing, Passion

We grow up watching the people in our life struggling to make ends meet, and we then believe that this is what we have got to do too. These people we observe, many-a-time were stuck in jobs that they did not like, and with people who did not value them. You saw that they were often unhappy or cribbing whenever someone picked up the topic of their job or career. And since you saw too many people do this, you made the inference of it being the 'OK' thing to do.

But then you grew up! You started your own professional career and at the beginning, you were excited about this new start. You had so many brilliant ideas, and you wanted to make it big. Eventually, you started observing behavior patterns of people around you, and you instantly drew a similarity. All the things that you had observed about jobs when you were young, were repeating in the same manner around you once more. And this time you are in the middle of it yourself. This is the trigger.

This trigger is for your subconscious mind to make you fall into this same self-demeaning pattern because that is the only way you know to tackle this situation. And you slide into those self-defeating behaviors feeling stuck in the job you do, overcome by overwhelm, cribbing about not being valued at the place you are. And following this routine day after day. Sound familiar, doesn’t it?

passion, career, effortless doing

But then, there's the next step. And sometimes this can be the true life-changing inspiration for us. After all the effort you have put in, and all the anxiety and unhappiness you currently associate with your career, there is a deeply unsettling feeling inside of you of wanting to do something different.

Something that doesn’t feel such a task, something you would love to do, and something you are truly passionate about. And that's when you start searching for answers because you know that this concept is not so foreign to you. And that while there were so many people around you who were cribbing about their jobs and the difficult people they have to deal with, their were some individuals whom you came across once in a while, who loved what they were doing. And not only did these individuals love what they were doing, but they were enjoying it and were happy about the work they did and were truly passionate about their work. And when you looked at them, you saw the personification of the concept of 'Effortless Doing'. And it was wonderful.

And that’s when you decided that you too would like to be in that zone of effortless doing, and following your passion and doing what you truly love. And if you really want to get there, you have to make a more deliberate effort to be in-sync with what your heart desires. (If you are reading this article, the chances are that such a feeling of wanting to follow your passion, is coming to surface very strongly in your case… And that's a good start).

Every day take some time to think about what is it that makes you happy, and how can you do more of the things that make you happy. This will be your guiding light towards achieving 'Effortless Doing'.

All the best! And share this with anyone you find is bored (or miserable) in their job, and can really do much better if they were to simply follow their heart and seek out their passion.




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