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Deal with Frustration at Work in 6 Easy Ways

Let's meet Alice - Alice was a smart hard-working girl. Alice tried her best not to mess up things, but somehow problems had a way of finding her. Most of the times, Alice was able to come out of these problems. But many a time, no matter how hard she tried, the problem would remain unresolved. She would try day in and day out, if only she could find the solution, any hint of progress. But Alas! Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, nowhere to run from a problem that has your mind gripped completely. And that’s when she would come across this feeling, where she would want to just tear her hair out, or cry out loud, or even want to bang her head to the wall. That feeling that each one of you has faced at one time or another, that feeling we all call FRUSTRATION.

Alice had noticed that when Frustration overtook the better part of her mind, things became even more difficult and rational decision making seemed impossible. So she was sure that this Mr. Frustration was definitely the devil in this case. And over the years Alice had started to understand this feeling. And she could almost see it coming from a distance. And that’s when she decided to do something about it. And she researched and researched and tried this and that and finally came up with 6 brilliant ways that help her deal and mostly overcome this frustrating feeling of frustration.

The 6 amazing ways to deal with frustration and keep your sanity alive are:

1. Are you bored to death in your current situation?
Change is the essence of nature and of life itself. So if you are sitting there in your chair getting bored every single day, it may be time to move on. Your frustration can be because of your resistance to change. While your true self is calling out and wanting to shake things up, you overly protective mind is saying boring is good. If you keep pushing it, this frustration will keep on building up and may even lead to depression. So act while you can - ASAP!

2. Take a break
If you are feeling drained out and tired due to excessive stress at the office or at home, it can lead to frustration and irritability. It may seem that you have just one more thing to do before you can rest, but that step will become increasingly difficult if you are not in the best of mental and physical conditions, and this may then become a huge hurdle for you, which will lead to even more stress and frustration. So next time you are feeling tired or burnt out, simply Take A Break. This may be a short break of a couple of hours or it may be a week or so of vacation. This will help you replenish your sanity and create better solutions to your hurdles and problems.

3. Reassess your Goal
One major reason for frustration can be If you have set an impossible goal for yourself.
Have you set an impossible goal? Is your goal measurable? Is it specific? Is it possible to achieve the goal in the given time frame?
Lack of clarity and a clear direction can be really really frustrating. To avoid falling into this trap, make sure you take the time to set a SMART GOAL (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound) for yourself.

4. Shift your perspective
Often times, the solution of the problem can be impossible to find if we look at it only from one singular perspective, while the solution can be quite straightforward if you simply change the perspective of looking at the problem. This is where a third person view can help you look at some key elements that you may have missed out or taken for granted.

5. Power up your creativity
When all the hell breaks lose, then what do you do! You run! And figure out the best way to save yourself and whatever else you can! Would you be standing there in its way to run you over instead…probably not!
Our flight-fight mode of survival automatically switches on and makes us come up with some super crazy ideas. Crazy and creative. Frustration can drive you crazy. But in a non-life-threatening situation, you can cease this moment as an opportunity and fire up your creative engines to help you come up with some crazy ideas that may actually be awesome solutions. Don't fight this natural instinct to get creative, instead milk it and use these creative juices to your advantage.

6. Find the 'WHY'
The best method to deal with frustration is this. This is the singular thing that will enable you to gather enough motivation, to keep going even when the going gets tough. Simply answer the 'WHY'.
Simply put, Just Ask yourself why you want to so this or complete this task. Or why would you like to overcome this problem, what is in it for you? Why are you so bothered about this, and why are you so attached to the outcome.

If you answer to this 'WHY' is really meaningful, then this answer will inspire you and motivate you to work harder and fire up your creativity.

But If your answer to this 'WHY' is not that great, not something you can't live without and is probably vague and unclear or too generalistic and answer, then you, my friend, need to drop the act. Take a moment to realize and accept that this isn't something that’s really important to you, and so it is demotivating in itself working towards it, and hence the frustration is building up.
A powerful WHY can end your doubts and frustrations.

You have just learned some great ways that Alice uses to overcome frustrating situations, a place where she often finds herself. Next time, you feel you are in soup, give these a try and see how much more capable you are at dealing with frustration than you previously thought.

All the best!



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