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Recharge Your Confidence - Use these 10 Awesome Tips to be More Confident Professionally

Confidence at work is no longer an option but rather a necessity today. Everybody is trying to outshine everybody else today. The competition has become so fierce that mediocrity is no longer an option. You have to excel, you have to shine, and you have got to get noticed for your talents and your hard work; otherwise, someone else will walk away with the rewards of your hard work. A key ingredient for career success is your ability to be able to project yourself and your work with confidence. It is vital today to find ways to become more confident in your workplace and in life overall.

Confidence at work
Confidence comes when you know your stuff so well, it becomes second nature to you. And to be able to know something that well, it is essential that you enjoy the work you do. I mean 'really' enjoy it, and love doing it. I am aware that there are some of you who are stuck in a job doing something you just don’t like. AND I also know that you have made up your reasons for continuing to do so. (I can show you how to turn that around for real! )

So, whatever your reason may be, and whatever your current situation is, I am going to present to you 10 Tips to be more confident at your workplace and project yourself more boldly. These tips will help you become more self-aware, and begin to own the stuff that you do! So much so, that if you do this right, people around you will start to envy you for your confidence.

The 10 Awesome Tips to project yourself with more confidence at your workplace:

Be Optimistic and Stop overthinking & overanalyzing

When you think about any topic more than is required, you are bound to find flaws. Simply put, take an optimistic approach and stop overanalyzing stuff all the time. When you overthink, you are in reality just finding ways to fail. So stop trying to find ways to fall down, and just take a deep breath and let it go.

Be calm and cool - Don’t Panic

Sometimes the performance pressure at work can be so taxing that we tend to panic. And when you panic, the quality suffers, and when the quality suffers you become unsure of your work, and confidence gets tossed into the bin. So next time, you are about to have a panic attack, keep calm and carry on with your focus on work quality. Remember: When you are calm, you exuberate confidence.

Overcome the 'Disease to Please'

No matter how much you may try, you will never be able to please 100% of the people at any given time. Critics will always be there to find faults. And when you try and impress everyone at your workplace, you are bound to fail, because 100% people will never align to your thought process. And it is OK! You simply have to overcome the disease to please everyone, and rather just focus on doing the best you can.

Accept that everyone makes mistakes

It is human nature to make mistakes and learn from them. Everyone makes mistakes. If you punish yourself too hard for your mistakes, you will never be confident enough, and will eventually feel beaten down. Confidence is your ability to quickly amend your mistakes and move forward. So allow yourself to make some mistakes, and have faith that you will be able to make them right.

Don't hang out with the 'crib and complain' group at the office

Some people live in a box, and the box is all they see. And when it starts to suffocate them, they start to crib and complain. Not once do they think that they can actually 'Think outside the Box'. And if you hang out around such folks too much, they will drain out our positivity. So quit trying to change the world, and rather go find some happy optimistic people to be with - The kind of people who fill you up with hope and more confidence. The kind of people who have big dreams and are genuinely doing something about it.
confident people

Be careful whom you seek feedback/advise from

The cheapest thing in the world is 'free advise'. It is plentiful and not always useful. So be very careful who you reach out to for feedback or advise. Even critical feedback does not have to be dirty feedback. People who like to pull other people down will never really be happy themselves in life, so keep your distance from them. Find people who encourage you and believe in you.

Find supportive allies

Its always good to have a support network. They help you believe in yourself and take the next step forward with more confidence. Even at your workplace, try and find one or two individual who will be your cheerleadersers. It is encouraging and a great confidence booster. Find supportive allies in your team or office, and be sure to be there for them, just how they have been there for you.

Dress to Impress

It certainly helps to dress to impress. If you look the part, it sends a signal to your brain that you are well prepared, and that leads to greater confidence in yourself and your work. Always dress crisp and clean for work. If you dress smart each day, you will feel good about yourself and would never be apprehensive of the way you look and feel in your clothes. Dress professionally and as per expected standards to be a more confident version of yourself.

Rise again every single time

Don't give up even if people may laugh at your mistakes. You have all that it takes to turn that laughter into awe. If you keep a grip on your nerves and stand up each time you fall and no mater how true The Laws of Murphy may be, you will earn the true respect of people. Promise yourself to rise again every single time you fall, and you will learn something new and become stronger every time you rise up. And eventually, confidence will build up, as you know you can handle anything with ease, cause you have risen each time before. Confidence builds not from the ability of never falling, but rather from the skill of rising up each time you fall.

Trust in yourself

Most importantly, confidence comes from trusting in yourself and believing in your skills and abilities. You have got to have faith in yourself, and the only one you have to prove right is yourself. Do not try to prove the world wrong - in the long run, that will be completely irrelevant. Rather just work to do all that it takes to stand up for yourself, and for all that makes you happy. When you stand up for yourself, you are confident and the world will know it!

Above, were some of the ways that will help you project yourself with more confidence at your workplace. Use them well.

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