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Feeling Lost & Stuck in a Rut? Start by Discovering What You REALLY Want [FREE e-Book]

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Often times, as you grow up, you create a comfortable income and feel confident about your basic survival, you start gaining insight into the mysteries of life. And thats when you start feeling stuck in a routine - Bored and Unexcited!!

It is then that you crave for deeper answers and find yourself around feelings and thoughts such as the following:

You feel that there should be more to your life? Is there a gap between where you are and where you want to be? What is it costing you to live this way unhappy and unfulfilled. Do you find yourself constantly saying “yes” when deep down you know you need to say “no”? What is the true purpose of your life? Are you holding back on your dreams?
You feel stuck trying to understand what it is you really want? You feel stuck in achieving your potential? You feel stuck trying to gain some clarity?

To sum it up, You often have this feeling - 
"I know I can succeed at it, if only I just knew what I really wanted!"

One of the main challenges towards growth and transformation is continuously striving towards what we really want in our life. This process, starts with answering one key question: 
'What do I really want in my life?'

Why is it Important to Know What You Really Want?

It is because this is the most pertinent question today! There are so many distractions demanding your attention and pulling you in all different directions. Moreover, being part of the competitive corporate world is tougher than ever today, especially when you find it difficult to attain a true sense of connection, happiness and fulfilment through it. Work is a big part of your life and there is absolutely no reason that this part should not be happy and fulfilling. I always wanted my work to be purposeful, something I enjoy and look forward to. But for an honest hard working professional like yourself, the reality is far from this. I was there and I know. 

As I started observing, I found that there were so many people who had the potential in them yet, sadly they were stuck and were unhappy about where they are and miserable about giving up on their dreams. And sometimes when they garnered the courage, something just seemed to stop them - like responsibilities, expectations, fear of failure, or societal judgements. BUT what They never realised was that they don't have to give up on their dreams - they just need a way to find their direction. If they found the clarity, the path would show itself.

And then there were these other amazing batch of people - who were still fighting to keep that spark of joy and adventure in themselves. The spark that doesn't let you give up on yourself and your dreams. The spark to keep wanting to lead a better life.

Now is the time to analyse where you stand? Stop to think - If you were suddenly transported to a life in which everything you take for granted was gone, what would you do? Where does your heart lead you? What is that spark in you?

Drawing inspiration from that spark, I set out on my own trail to discover what made people give up and what it was that could help ambitious professionals make their work fulfilling and more successful. And what I discovered was that the people who were bored, unhappy and continued being stuck - had no clarity about what they really wanted in life or how to get there. They had no clear life goals - They had desires but no goals- something like, I want to be successful or I want more money - extremely vague and generic. And so they ended up bored, felt stuck, and demotivated, and unexcited about life.

Whereas The people who were happy and very successful had clarity about what they wanted, and had well-defined personal success goals, had an action plan and were consistently achieving what they wanted to live a life with purpose. Hence they experienced the increased fulfilment, success and joy resulting from it. And here is the best part - this powerful skill of 'Discovering and Achieving What You Really Want' can be developed with the right guidance and the right intent. 

If you are the person who wants to keep that spark alive in yourself, then you maybe often asking yourself questions like:

- How do I do what I love
- I could succeed at anything if only I knew what I really wanted
- What is my life purpose
- How do I find my passion
- How do I follow my passion
- What are my bigger goals in life
- What will make me happy and fulfilled
- How do I find consistent motivation from within myself

All of these are beckoning you to discover yourself and walk your true path that will make your life more meaningful and happy. This journey starts with clarity to find the answer to one key question: WHAT DO I REALLY WANT IN MY LIFE?

You can discover the truth. I followed my passion and today, I coach and train Leaders and Corporate Professionals from all across the world to build this skill and many others to achieve all of their goals faster than you ever thought possible. And my clients experience greater fulfilment and control over their work, wealth and life. You can do this too! Let's celebrate and re-kindle that spark in you that will always ignite joy!

How to Discover What You Really Want?

This is the element that requires you to really connect with yourself at a deeper level and cherish who you truly are. And given the distraction around us today, it is easy to lose track. For this purpose, a structured approach can help you a great deal.

You can find what you really want in this amazing FREE step-by-step Workbook below. This will help you Discover What you Really Want in Your Life. This is really the best place to start. We, each, have a limited amount of time to make our mark on the world. The only way to find satisfaction is to live your life in a way that uniquely responds to what you really want. 

- Coach Akanksha  



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