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Be a Time Management Expert with The 6-Step System to Boost Your Productivity

Did you know that improving your time management skills can lead to satisfaction and fulfillment in life? All great people through history have valued Time, for it is the only real resource anyone can ever really own.

Are you the person who would like to Monetize your Time? Or Will you let Procrastination kill your dreams? 

Successful people know that time is the only real asset in life and that it is limited for everyone. They understand the value of time and have a system to sort through any chaos. That’s why they don’t get stressed out so easily. They know they can handle things because they have a system of sorting through the chaos. A system or process for creating powerful clarity and leading with action and inspiration. They are neither confused nor do they ever do anything without a concrete purpose.

Time management, productivity

Wouldn't it be nice to have the same sort of clarity and control in your own life? To not be stressed by day-to-day situations and make almost every crisis manageable or even avoidable. A productive person is like a force of nature. There is absolutely nothing that can hold them back from what they really want in their life. And with a system in place to handle any situation you too can become that unstoppable force of nature.

Procrastination is the killer of dreams, it leaves little scope for reality. Procrastination is like a virus that can take away all your dreams. It will force you to sit by the sidelines as you watch your life slip away. It kills your most important asset in Life - YOUR TIME. Productive geniuses have a way t overcome this procrastination. In fact, without procrastination, everyone would be so much more productive.

You already know that good planning and organizing can help you become more productive, but the real area of concern is - HOW TO PLAN EFFECTIVELY?

Whether you are in a chaos or trying to avoid one. Whether you have a dream or are daring to live one, you need a system that can help you gain greater control over how you respond to life and its situations. Here is an extremely effective process that will help you tackle any situation with greater clarity, confidence, and efficiency so that you can really get stuff done.

The 6-Step system to sort out any chaos and get stuff moving and become more productive

Described below is a 6-Step productivity enhancement system known as The TOP-AGE system - a robust step-by-step system that creates more focus, clarity, motivation, and action in any given situation. After extensive research, hundreds of coaching hours, and a multitude of training interactions, Coach Akanksha has created this productivity enhancement system taking into account her global interactions and the need for individuals everywhere to have and to follow a simple system that helps them navigate through any chaos and come out a winner.

TOP-AGE is the acronym that is easy to remember and highlights each significant part of the system in the correct order as follows:

Benefits of using the 6 STEP system

There are many advantages to using the TOP-AGE system. The TOP-AGE system will:
  • Remove any confusion about your situation and understand the importance for it to change
  • Build clarity towards your exact problem
  • Create motivation for change
  • Get you moving in the right direction almost instantaneously
  • Help you build a robust plan of action
  • Create more accountability to achieve your goals

Detailed description and Implementation of the TOP-AGE system

The TOP-AGE system for crazy productivity is described in detail below. You may even choose to download this FREE workbook (Click Here for the Workbook) that helps you apply this system to any current situation of your life.


  • Identify the area of concern

    The first step is to clarify what is the area that is o the top of your mind. What is it that is bothering you or what is it you want to achieve. You have to specify any ONE area only. It can be any of the following:

    • Work/ Job/ Career
    • Relationship/ Love
    • Family/ Friends
    • Health/ Wellbeing
    • Finance
    • Personal Development
    • Fun/ Happiness/ Satisfaction


  • Highlight THE ONE MAIN REASON why this is bothering you

    Now that you have identified the broad area in the previous step, its time to understand why this area is troubling. What do you need to change? In case you are dealing with multiple challenges in the same area, it is important to prioritize and choose only one. This helps build clarity and focus and lays the foundation for our success ahead.

    For example:
    IF your Target area is Job/Career, and there are multiple reasons this is bothering you like low salary, time, work pressure, colleagues, growth, etc.
    Then it is important to prioritize and come up with the most pertinent reason, the reason that is simply unbearable in such a case.
    After prioritizing your result will look like this - Job/Career - Work Pressure



  • Pick 3 Ways in which this change would benefit you

    Now, its time to analyze why it is important that you create the change. What are the 3 primary reasons that you want to change the status-quo? The more specific your reasons, the bigger the motivation. So make sure you list at least 3 reasons. Simply Pick 3 Ways in which this change would benefit you



  • What is your immediate action step to change it

    Now is the time for some instant gratification. Let us start with some real action. Note down the smallest meaningful action step that will help you change the status quo. This action step should be something that is not too difficult and yet something meaningful in the path to change.



  • Build a SMART goal

    This step is about some effective planning in order to take some productive action and bring quick results. This ensures that all of your efforts are meaningful and productive. And that your goals are achievable and motivating.  Take the next few minutes to write the goal/result that you want to achieve in your area of concern. After you write a crude goal statement, use the following process to refine and make your goal more solid.

    To set an effective goal, we will be using the popular and effective model of goal setting known as SMART goals.

    To set a SMART Goal in order to fulfill your aim, your goal should be set in a manner so as to satisfy each of the following attributes:
    S - Your Goal should be about achieving some SPECIFIC
    M - The end result that you want to achieve from this goal should be MEASURABLE
    A - Your goal should b something within your reach or ATTAINABLE. Else it would become too difficult and you would end up daydreaming.
    R - Your goal should be RELEVANT to your overall target. It should be something that creates a meaningful difference towards your area of concern.
    T - You goal must be TIME-BOUND. An endless goal is usually always endless. If you really want to achieve something, then you have to define a timeline and make sure that you stick to the timeline no matter what. (PRO TIP: Make a goal that can be completed within a shorter timeline - say 2 to 10 weeks, this makes it a lot more manageable and motivating. You can choose to go back and revise your goal to make it easier to achieve in this new shorter timeline)

    Make sure that your Goal statement now meets each of the attributes of a SMART goal. SMART goals enhance your productivity, help overcome procrastination and create some real progress.

    The idea here is to set and achieve our goals. And this method is a great way to set meaningful achievable goals.


  • Action and Review

    Now you have all the pieces of the puzzle put together and you are ready to take the challenge head-on. You are more prepared than ever. By now you would have already decided you immediate action step in STEP 4 and have started to act on it.

    You also have a plan of action in mind after step 5. Its now time to acting on the SMART Goal you have just created. This step is about building accountability. Write up to 5 Actions steps that you must take to accomplish your goal. Set up weekly checkpoints to check your progress and the efforts you have put in towards achieving your SMART goal. Each of these review checkpoints gives you an opportunity to take charge of the situation and re-align your track. Continuous Action and Review is the way to consistent progress.

    This system can be applied to any life situation - Work/Job, Love/Relationships, Health/Wellness, Dreams/Growth or any other life situation. This helps you make the best out of any given situation.
    This system brings order to chaos, and clarity to confusion.

    This system gives you a way to overcome procrastination and increase your productivity many folds. The TOP-AGE system is the way to go when you are clueless about where to start or how to plan. This gives you a guided approach to plan your way forward to achieve your dreams, and become a shining inspiration to everyone around you. No more stress, no more worry - because you know you can figure your way out every single time.

  • NEXT Steps

    Try this system out for real. Take the next 2 minutes to fill in the worksheet provided. And see how you feel as you complete this worksheet. The TOP-AGE system is sure to get you more control over your any situation starting almost instantaneously. Here is a FREE worksheet to help you implement this system to any part of your life. 



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