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Unleash the Genius in You...Create More Passion, More Time, More Money, and More Recognition

Business & Success

Employee to Entrepreneur - The journey to a new awakening
The struggles for joy, success, respect, recognition, and much more...

Coach Akanksha shares with you, her own experience, expertise, and insights to help you evaluate and strategize to make your journey of entrepreneurship a success. It is not easy to leave a cushy job and do your own thing, but she believes that if she could do it so can you. The most vital ingredient is clarity. Clarity brings you your purpose, your courage, your motivation as well as your opportunities and the ability to evaluate a risk. Clarity brings you your actions and your results.

Gain insight to make the journey from 'employee to entrepreneur' a success:

Option 1: FREE Knowledge Hub

Rare and true insights shared with as you prep yourself to take the big step. Each of the articles contains valuable information that has the capacity to change your perspective and 

Option 2: DIY Start-Up Workshop - All the vitals for Business Success

What has been standing in your way of success? Overcome the self-sabotage that has been stopping you from pursuing your dreams. You have been waiting too long to be sure of yourself to take that risk. A risk is a risk only when you fear the outcome. Change your mindset. When you let go of your dreams, you are discretely programming your subconscious to think that you will fail. Don't prepare for failure. Instead prepare for your success - Now and Forever more…

Get the clarity, the right mindset, the action and the accountability to transform yourself from an employee to a Successful entrepreneur.

This is an online workshop that is delivered at specific times. This is a 15 day program, and gives you the right forum to learn all the vitals for business success and get your queries answered in a live forum.

Attend a FREE introductory workshop that will help you end the dilemma of Determining whether you should take the entrepreneurial step, and what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur Today.

Option 3: Big Results - 7 Day intensive to make your entrepreneurial journey  a success
  1. End the Dilemma - Determine whether you should take the entrepreneurial step
  2. What should you do - Evaluate the kind of business opportunities are best suited for you
  3. What's your passion - Discover what are your entrepreneurial strengths and potential gaps
  4. How to develop an entrepreneurial mindset for success
  5. Develop a strategic business plan for your own self
  6. Identify key action steps and set up accountability check-posts
  7. Understand what motivates you to push forward

Only a selected few people to have this opportunity to work with Coach Akanksha one-on-one. This is a high-intensity fast-track transformational program that sets you up for success in your journey to Entrepreneurship. Step up with confidence and stake your claim.

Regions catered: Worldwide
Mode of program delivery: Live through skype

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