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Life coaches are a lot more powerful than they are often credited for. Life coaches are trained to use and teach techniques that can change the direction of people’s lives and keep them in continuous growth, prosperity, and expansion. A coach holds the key to ever expanding happiness, and has access to tools that can help people find success and bring an end to life-long pain. 

Love Success? So do we! Infact, That's our bread & butter 
Here at, we have a passion and reputation for creating transformations in your life for greater success and greater happiness. We help you build a life that everyone else just dreams about. Our key tools include Positive change, a new approach, step-by-step approach, and a personalized strategy for success. Each one of our programs is personised to maximize your progress. 

Meet the Coach:
Today, Coach Akanksha is an International Certified Professional Coach helping clients from all across the world attain their true potential and live a happier life.  But she has had her share of struggles and triumphs to reach here.

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Akanksha grew up in a household that preached hard work was the key to success. She was brought up in a highly disciplined surrounding, being the daughter of an Armed Forces Officer. Like so many people around her, she was just following the path that was laid out for her by society. She was a bright student, did well in school and college, and even got her Master's degree. She worked in some of the best companies and with varied sets of people from all around the globe. She was working with a big shot firm with a comfortable salary, But deep down inside, she knew something was missing. She just could not find her happiness in doing any of it. Her soul craved for a different journey. Like everyone around her, she struggled and struggled. But She never gave up. 

Just like any other hard working individual, she kept on working hard with a bunch of unclear dreams and a blurred vision of her goals. But she wasn't ready to give up just yet.  And it was her relentless spirit that led to her freedom and success.

Today, Coach Akanksha is an International Certified Professional Coach helping clients from all across the world attain their true potential and live a happier life. She is a Certified Life Coach with Certified Coaches Alliance(CCA) and also, has Coach Training Hours with International Coach Federation (ICF), and an MBA in Human Resources. She is also a certified REIKI healer, and an international Author.
In her corporate experience across various industries, she realized that a lot of people are living a life that they don't really enjoy. And that cribbing & complaining about stuff was not going to change things for her. Deep down inside she knew she has a different calling. She understood that if she could just believe in herself, she would find the courage to follow her true path. She took the bold step to part with a big MNC to set out on her own, and follow her passion - to help people, around the globe, to lead a happier, more cheerful, more successful life. The universe conspired to help her and In her career as a coach, she has transformed the lives of many of her clients and helped them reconnect with what truly matters to them. It takes courage to find & follow your path, and she helps you find that courage & take the necessary action to transform your life.

She is grateful for all the opportunities that she has received, and she has made it her mission to help people, who are stuck under the burden of society & corporate expectations, to break the shackles and re-discover themselves to lead a life of happiness and success. No wonder people connect so well with her and her 'mission' of 'Leading a Happier Life' because that is the calling of your soul too.

Working with Coach Akanksha helps you experience Peak Performance Coaching to shed your procrastination and create transformations & progressive living. Executive coaching with Akanksha helps you to understand your passion, accelerate your career, and create a work-life balance. Akanksha is an International professional Coach and she built the platform to help high-performers (like you), find fulfillment in all aspects of their Life. She coaches for end to end progress, from Personality Transformation, Enhancing Confidence, Sharpening Soft Skills, to Career Progression, and overall life skills. She is certified by the Certified Coaches Alliance and has ACSTH with International Coach Federation. She has lived the corporate high-life and had been stuck in that 9-to-5 pattern. And she knows what it takes to reclaim yourself and live your passion.
She believes that You, have all that it takes to create a powerful meaningful life. You just haven't found that creative thing that you could pour your heart and soul into. You are yet to discover your 'Natural Path to Abundance'. You are probably waiting for it to come to you from external sources when it is really buried deep down inside you. You haven't yet spent the time to look inwards at  what really lights you up and use your inner guidance system. If you did, you wouldn't have trouble getting things done at rapid speed with super ease.
Akanksha is a certified life coach possessing the qualities of a great coach, a good listener,a logical interpreter, and a fabulous planner. She helps people find their spark in life. Client Transformations fuel her passion. Success is only measured by the success of the client.
She believes that each day brings with it an opportunity to live better and create a positive change!
Akanksha’s message “It is important to be happy in life. If you are truly happy, everything will begin to fall in place and you will experience success like never before. It is all about improving life each day, one simple step at a time can lead to your transformation! If you come along with me on this journey, I will be your coach and your motivator and will keep things on track, so that the two of us can concentrate on enhancing YOUR life! ”
Akanksha coaches professional from all walks of life. She has an expertise in coaching senior professionals and executives to help them discover their Path to Abundance, find their passion, realign and balance work life. And to break away from the monotony of being stuck in an undesirable job.
Click to Connect with her now, to find out if this can be a fruitful coaching relationship for you!
“The starting point of all achievement is desire.” – Napoleon Hill                                               


 By: Life Coach Hub
- A life coach helps you deal with pressure and stress as you make important changes.
- Coaching can make you start asking the right questions. You'll look beyond the self-limiting mindset that has been holding you back.
- You can maintain motivation to improve your life. The life coach knows how to encourage you.
- With a life coach you'll learn to think about what you can do. This is much more powerful than thinking about what you can't do.
- Life coaching is a proven way to create a satisfying life. What you really want is inside you. And the coach will teach you how to listen to your heart.

Client Reviews:
At the time when I first came across Life Coaching, I felt lost and was looking for direction. I was looking to discover the answers to help me find happiness in my own life. I coached with Life Coach Akanksha, and discovered so much about myself, my passion and really just reconnected with myself. Though our sessions together, I discovered not just what made me happy, but also how I could spread the joy. I would recommend Life Coaching to anyone who is seeking and searching for happiness in their life with their work, their relationships and with themselves really.
William Brnson
Thanks Coach for all your guidance. Your 3 month program really helped me gain some clarity and motivated me to get out of the daily rut. Its been so awesome to know you.
Abhay Singh
Akanksha, She is just amazing. She will help you analyze your current state, define your goals, devise your own action plan and see you till you reach the goal. I had never imagined I could have shifted my line of work, but with her support and action steps, I actually did it by myself.
I got to know of Coach Akanksha through a common friend. He told me I could talk my problems out with her and she will definitely come up with some action plan for me, and thats what she did. She analyzed my current standing from the point of my career and relationships and help me overcome my own inhibitions. I formulated my action plan with her and she kept me on pace with my timelines. Thanks Akanksha for all the support and guidance.
Coaching is by far the best thing that can happen to you. Here I found a friend who would guide me and keep me accountable as i solved my problems. Coach Akanksha was like a guiding spirit, who came and just turned the things around. I would recommend coaching to everyone who wants to put their success and happiness on Fast-track mode. Kudos Coach!
Lara Sood
Akanksha is a great listener and a systematic planner. She helped me to gain clarity on my priorities in life and act on them accordingly. She is systematic and understanding. She has a skill to help people actually achieve that work-life balance.


  1. A Life Coach expert is a professional who helps you reach a goal or make a change in our life.

    1. Absolutely. A Life coach also helps you gain clarity and build smart goals which are in alignment with your desire, so that you can build a more happy and fulfilling life.

  2. Thanks for explaining the life coach...Life coach Brisbane and healers help people from all walks of life and each relationship is unique.


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