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Life & Leadership Excellence . . . Create More Passion, More Time, More Money, and More Recognition


It is always nice and reassuring to have someone who is watching out for you and finding ways to help you achieve your dreams!

Clients consult with me on any range of private issues such as:

  • how can I take more control of my success?
  • how do do I get what I want in my life?
  • how can I communicate more effectively and better than I do?
  • how can I gain in more confidence?
  • how can I be more assertive and say what's on my mind?
  • how can I take more risks and step out more?
  • how can I be more organised?
  • how can I be more disciplined?
  • how can I stop procrastinating?
  • how can I manage my emotions better?
Ancient wisdom shared through the ages through scriptures, gurus and monks have repeatedly spoken of the enormous power that lies hidden in our minds. The Power is in Your Mind. Exercising this power can have great positive effects on the life of the person being influenced by it, and there are ways by which you can tap into the enormous power that lies deep within your own mind.


Curated with the aim to help you to be able to explore and utilise that great power within yourself, each of the following programs help you gain more clarity, focus, determination to achieve your specific life goals as you tap into this enormous power. The first step is your willingness to explore...

Coach Akanksha helps ambitious individuals build a meaningful, successful, and happy life in 100 days or less. Unleash the Genius in You. Gain the mindset and skillset to do what it takes to build the confidence, clarity, and accountability. Take life by the horns and play it by your own rules. Take control of your life and success. Tap into your enormous power to create the life you have dreamed of.

If your Goal is:

  • To build a powerful career growth plan
  • To enhance your time management skills
  • To discover your passion and purpose
  • To discover your clarity, confidence and life path
  • To add more meaning and purpose in your life
  • To overcome self-doubt and enhance your self-esteem
  • To build the success mindset and skillset to overcome all challenges
  • To scale up your own business and profits
  • To create unparalleled success in Your career
  • Overcome the stress, struggles, and roadblocks
  • To have your own Breakthrough in Life to discover that light in you
You are in the right place. You can choose to achieve your goals through any of the following programs. Curated with the aim to help you to be able to explore and utilize that great power within yourself, each of the following programs helps you gain more clarity, focus, determination to achieve your specific life goals as you tap into this enormous power. The first step is your willingness to explore...

The Advanced Professional Growth and Leadership Program
(3 Months)
A powerful program for smart ambitious executives and leaders who want to accelerate their career and create more time to build a successful and fulfilling life.

Climb the Success grid. Catch the growth ladders and bust the snakes in your career.

  • Rapid Professional Growth with Authentic-Self system
  • How to establish your Leadership presence
  • Discover your Passion - Do what you love
  • Building a Wealth & Abundance Mindset
  • Time Management Strategies and Hacks
  • Build your own unique People Strategy
  • Managing expectations from self and others
  • Anxiety, Stress, and Motivation Management
  • Personal Career Breakthrough Plan

    This is a powerful program based on the advanced principles and key knowledge of Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Executive Presence, Leadership Branding, Exceptional Communication skills, Accelerated Passion based Career Growth,  Productivity Enhancement, and much much more.

    Bonus Push ups - DIY mini-courses on
    1. Unblock Your Abundance
    2. Building Confidence
    3. Guide to a fulfilling life

    The Power-Me-Up Session
    If you are looking for a hint of motivation and clarity for your way ahead, then this one hour of online coaching is the perfect solution for you. This is one intense session of soul-searching and path breaking conversations using advanced principles of intuitive coaching to help you overcome your hurdle and fast-track your path of success.

    Confirm My Power-Me-Up Session

    The 40-day Self-FREEDOM Program
    If you are feeling stuck and limited by your circumstances, and the stress of judgments and expectations is pulling you down, then you need this program to set you free. This is a powerful 4 session program that takes a deep dive into your hurdles and helps you gain a new power, perspective and priority to follow your dreams and goals.

    The 100 Days to Genius Program
    De-stress your life and create more success and joy in 100 days or less. Helping you connect with your life's purpose, your core clarity & focus, your motivation and overcoming your self-doubts & hurdles to success. So that you exuberate a new sense of self-freedom and confidence that leave your neighbors in awe!

    Give your life a positive direction and overcome the daily struggle, stress, and uncertainty. Learn and use the principles of Quantum Creation. Implement new ways of Time Management, Personal Growth, Image management, goal setting, self-awareness, overcome limiting beliefs, better relationships, confidence, motivation and much more...

    Clarity comes from a deep understanding of yourself. More clarity creates more focus. More Focus leads to greater determination. And determination alone is capable of creating miracles in life.

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