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Live The Dream Life - Program

Live  The  Dream  Life

Based on extensive research and first-hand coaching experience, we wanted to build something that gives you a one-stop solution - Helping you connect with your life's purpose, your core clarity & focus, your motivation and overcoming your self-doubts & hurdles to success. So that you exuberate a new sense of self-freedom and confidence that leave your friends & neighbours in awe! Here are all the details about your amazing program.

Available everywhere globally 

Find and Achieve What You Really Want

Discover what you really want

Learn and Apply Advanced Goal setting techniques 
to achieve what you really want

One-on-one review of Life Goals And Life Purpose

Overcome Procrastination

Enhance your Decision Making & Time Management

Take Effective Action and Build Accountability

Overcome hurdles, mental blocks and limitations

Life motivation

How to start living your dream life

How to build the confidence to live the life you really want

People Management & Expectation Management

Personal Growth & Development

Career Progression

Personal success strategy

Continuous on-going long term support

Personalized approach

    Your Program Includes:

    Discover What You Want PDF Guide 

    Goal Setting PDF Guide 

    One-on-one review of Life Goals And Life Purpose 

    Overcome Procrastination PDF 

    Overcome Procrastination Coaching 

    Effective Action Planning and Accountability to fasttrack results Coaching 

    Effective Action Planning and Accountability to fasttrack results PDF Guide 

    Overcome hurdles, mental blocks and limitations Tips & Tricks 

    'Overcome hurdles, mental blocks and limitations' PDF Guide 

    'Overcome hurdles, mental blocks and limitations' Coaching 

    Life motivation Pdf 

    Life motivation Coaching 

    How to Live the Dream Life Pdf 

    How to Live the Dream Life Coaching 


    3 months On-going Support 

    One-on-One Online Coaching Sessions (1 Hr each) 

    Personalised Approach

    Highly Flexible as Delivered OnLine

    Original Price: 949 USD

    Limited Time Offer Price: 700 USD



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