Powerful Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations are a great way to getting started with meditations or stay in the meditative state for a longer period. They allow you to let go off the stress of how to meditate and let an experienced practitioner lead your meditation.

Below you can find the latest guided meditations that you can practice in your own time. 

A few key things that will help you set yourself up for the session:

·         Please allow yourself about 10-15 minutes of calm and relaxed breathing before you step into the session

·         Please ensure you wear loose comfortable clothing that does not constrict your breathing

·         You may choose to sit cross-legged on the ground (as portrayed in the picture below) and have the computer/phone in front of you to follow along the instructions and guided meditation. You may even choose to sit in any other position as is comfortable to you, e.g. On a chair/stool with your feet firmly on the ground. or, You may lie down on your back on a mat/carpet/ grass on the ground with your arms parallel to your body.

·         Try to choose a relatively quieter part of your home environment while you sit for this session

·         Try to keep an open mind during the session and simply focus on enjoying this experience

Please note: Please do not attempt the guided form of meditation If you feel uncomfortable or suffer from any medical condition that does not allow you to do so.

Explore the below Guided-Meditations:

For Calm and Relaxation (10 Min)

For Deep Breathing and Mindfulness (10 Min)