Mindfulness while Eating

Like most people, you too would have consumed something to eat and drink in the past few hours. And while, if you really think back hard, you would in all probability be able to tell all that you ate, but do you remember the sensation of eating each and every one of those things? Unless you recall every bite and the sensation and feeling attached to it, you were, as they say, eating mindlessly.

I know, that does not really sound pleasant. But what is worse is the effect it has on your body. If you are not eating mindfully, you body does not take up the complete nutrition from your intake because while you may have filled your stomach, you lost the opportunity to feast on it with all your senses.

You got that right, Mindful eating is about feasting with all your senses. 

How to eat with Mindfulness?

The first step is to take the time and make an effort to eat only with your food - Not with the TV or your computer or your mobile phone.

Next time, you eat or drink something, try to focus on the below elements. If you focus your mind on these, you will be feasting with all your sense and you will be eating mindfully, and your body will nourish in its true sense. 


Start with how it looks. What do you like abou the presentation of our food or drink? What colors attract you the most? Does it look temting. Feast on it with your eyes.


Take a wiff of the yummy food or drink that is about to enter your body and fill you up. Take in the smell of all the various spices and food elements that you can smell. Can you count altleast 10 differnet elements of smell? Feast with your nose and your sense of smell.


Take the first small sip or bite. What are teh fisrt flavors that your can sense. Can you detet a mixture of flavors. Can you sense the spice? Can you taste the richness? Feast now with your tounge.


This one's interesting. As you chew or sip, can you hear the slight noise you make? Can you hear the crunch? Are you sensitive to the noises in your mouth? Observe and feast with your ears.

Body Sensation: 

As the food goes inside you, can you feel that path it follows? Can you feel it follow a path as it reaches your stomach. Eat slowly, and relish each bite, and how wonderfully your body works to process each bite. Feast now, with your sense of body sensation.


As you eat this food, while feasting with all your senses, can u feel any emotions relating to this process of nourishment? Do you feel happy, content, thankful? Or are you gulping it down without thought. Slow down, take notice. Feast with your heart.


The trickiest part, and the most challenging bit. Are you able to be mindful of your breating while eating with your senses as described above. Breah makes usre that you are achored in the resent moment. Even whil eating and drinking, it makes sure that your mind does not wander away with unrealted thoughts. If your attention drifts, take the time to bring it back to yur breath once again. Feast now, relishing the completeness of this experience, with mindful presence.

Try the above method of eating with mindfulness in your next meal. Add the above elements/senses one after another in the order given above. Can you relate to how differently you feel about food now? Start noticing the difference and building out a food experience journal to track your journey of mindful eating.