Getting Started with Mindfulness Meditation

Here, at, we understand that it is difficult to find time or quiet to practice long hours of mindfulness meditation with the all-consuming disruptions of day to day life. It is our attempt to simplify for you, this process and offer you simple techniques that you can easily apply and follow to build your practice of mindfulness and meditation. Use the steps below to establish or re-establish your practice of mindfulness meditation. Read through the steps and try and follow these. If you forget, you can always come back and revisit these steps and pick up from where you left. Step-by-step getting started with Mindfulness Meditation 1. Set aside some time and space from your weekly routine  2. Allow yourself 10-15 minutes of calm and relaxed breathing before starting your meditation  3. Wear loose comfortable clothing that does not constrict your breathing in any manner 4. Next, you will follow a series of instruction to set up your pos

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