Walking with Mindfulness

"Mindfulness is your ability to be aware of what is happening inside you as well as around you." 

Walking meditation is about being mindful of all the sensations that are happening in our body as a result of the activity while simultaneously being mindful of your surroundings and all that is happening around you. The feeling of being mindful while walking is around experiencing joy and gratefulenss with every step you take.

Steps to follow for 'Walking' Meditation

  • To start this mindful practice, mark a point as a start of your journey. Start with a 500 mtr path and eventually add to the distance you want to carry out being in a meditative state.
  • Mindfulness requires patience, which means, you need the luxury of time to be able to start this, without rushing through it.
  • You may practice this barefoot, or wearing light shoes.
  • Stand upright, with your shoulders upheld and your spine erect. 
  • Lower your gaze about a meter and a half in front (to prevent distraction), not looking at anything in particular.
  • As you walk, place all your attention at the soles of the feet. Focus only on the sensations and feelings as they arise and pass away under your feet. (To begin to feel this sensation, you will have to greatly reduce your speed at first)
  • Feel the movement of your muslces. Feel how your legs and feet tense as you lift the leg. Feel the movement of the leg as it swings through the air. Note the sensations you feel
  • As the foot comes down again into contact with the path/road, a new feeling arises. Take note of tis changed sensation. Place your awareness on that sensation, as it is felt through the sole of the foot.
  • Again as the foot lifts, mentally note the feeling as it arises. Remeber to take it slow.
  • With each new step, certain new feelings are experienced and old feelings cease – feeling will come up, feeling will go away, again feeling arising, feeling passing away.
  • Be constantly mindful of all sensations that arise in the sole of the feet.
  • There is no “right” experience. Just see how the experience feels to you.

As you continue to walk in this state of mindfulness you have become successful at the basic walking form of meditation. At first, it may seem difficult to the point of it being dull. Eventually, as you achieve greater mindfulness you will come to appreciate and truly relish this process. 

 Happy Walking - Do it Mindfully this time!